I painted my toe nails, each toe nail a different color. It was awesome and so raw her mom hadn’t called that day yet. It was the best part of the entire visit. Besides sitting in the ER the day before. That was also enjoyable. 

   I am getting ahead of myself on how this all came about. I had Christmas eve off with my daughter Indra. We got early and start out to hike the mtn. which was not to fair from my old house in Old Town Scottsdale. 

   My daughter  and I were have a blast making our way up to the top. Then she was playing and jumping on some rocks. Lost her footing and fell from a medium size rock. Nothing was wrong just was little bruise. I started texting photos to her mom in NC. I explain to my ex that there nothing wrong she was fine. 
    However because of the issues with I’s ankles since 2011. So her mother made the decision to have me take her to ER ASAP. Which was part of our new court order which stated “mother has final say” which was used against me everyday. 

After sitting in the ER for about 3 and half hours, the Doctor stated there is nothing wrong with her ankle, her ankle looks great! She may need to take some children’s pain meds as needed every four to six hours. Which I tried to give I. However I didn’t want to take anything said she was fine.  We went home that night spent time with I and her sister. Which in her mind wasn’t what she wanted because she wanted just me and her. I was unable to do that due to my new wife work schedule at her place of employment. I had a blast with my two girls. I even learned how to play Minecraft!  
          We spend Christmas as a family my mom came over spent time with the girls. My mom was happy to finally spend time with her granddaughter that was kept from her. My wife left for work early that day right after gifts since her employer at the time was open to serve lunch and dinner. Which was good, I got to spend more time with I and my other daughter.  I made dinner for the girls and my mother. 
      My daughter started packing for the next day since her flight left to head back to Charlotte. It was such a short visit with so much fun and drama. I was excited for the future with her and I’s relationship moving forward after speaking with the therapist my daughter had be seeing. Explain to her the whole situation. The Therapist thought of having Skype conversation to help rebuild my relationship with my daughter. 
       Few days later when I called my daughter to ask her how life was. She stated she hated me, that she didn’t have fun, never coming back. Because my mom yelled at her, my new wife was mean to her. The facts were no one was mean to her, she broke our trust. She was telling her mother that my new wife was mean to her. Which is false my new wife, give her everything she wanted took her shopping. Which I still have everything of hers. Nothing to do with it now since I was forced out. But well get back to that in while.