I moved my ex-wife back to Monroe in July of 2011. Not even a month later I received this email below.  The truth is I was not around because I had to work for her lifestyle. I wanted to be there, I enjoyed my job at the school system. I got to be home for dinner with my family every night. Tuck my daughter into bed each night.    
 I wanted to tell my daughter about the divorce before even leaving Missouri yet it was a bright idea of my ex-wife to tell her when they arrived to Monroe that never happen. Instead I took them to Walmart, got Indra a new bike. 
I wanted my daughter to have her own phone so I was able to call and text her all the time. However my idea was blocked. My ex-wife told me, No she is not going have a phone. “Buy her an Ipad for Christmas”. I never said, I would buy her an Ipad. I really wanted to get her a phone so she was able to call me and talk to me.  
I have always wanted a relationship with my daughter. I never wanted to divorce her. I just wanted out of my awful marriage to my then wife.

Only if I knew that was a the start of the next five years. Names were block out of privacy for the ex-wife.