The past eight years have been by far the hardest years of my life. Fighting and impossible fight to see my child. Being told I am self fish, i am a bastard, a sperm donor and only time my daughter ever called me was December 25, 2011.  I have kept a calendar of all phone calls, skype calls, emails, and letters. I have copies of everything I sent in the Mail to her. I have my entire phone records from 2010, where it shows I called almost 3 times a week in the beginning. 
 Towards the end, I only called maybe once a month since the brainwashing is so bad. I have told for the past three years that she had a disco birthday party (like I didn’t keep notes of our phone calls or anything. So I would be able to remember or recorded them. ) I am getting old these days… Plus I wanted to have full custody. I have wanted full custody for a while ever since speaking with my peers and support groups. 
           I  am writing this blog because my support team says it should bring me peace plus share my story with the world. I am also sharing this story because it is worth sharing. I was used by the court system because I AM A MAN that had a good job in 2011 and my ex-wife thought I was cheating on her. Which I was not. I was actually very depressed, not being with my family. Waiting years to see my wife and daughter. My ex would only come visit never stay. 
              I want to the world to know the TRUTH of my situation. How I was alienated to bring peace to another man or woman who is fighting the fight of a life time. There were times life was not worth living especially after being told over and over again. How I am not worth being her father. 

Hang in there guys, there is a light at the tunnel. It may not seem close but there is a light. I found my light in my family. I writing this for those men and women who were unable to be here with us because their battle became to much.