Everyone thinks I was hiding money. Yet the offer was made by the Plaintiffs lawyer due this being served to this person on April 8, 2016.

Guess the truth was too much to handle in open court.

I did NOT sign to end my parental rights over debt.  I could NOT afford the support to began with. The order was wrote when I was a painter making $10.00 to put food on my table. Then after being a painter I was able to get a job at store for 16.22 as a chef. Followed by an attempt helping run a food truck with my wife. Never had any money after with. Got a job working at another store for 16.30 a hour as a chef.

This person hide money through out the whole case in order to get the highest allowed child support and spousal support.

Lied about after school care. When the child was only present for 10 days.