To most who are currently reading this blog are my haters. The people who pushed me out of my child’s life. Who have used me since day one of meeting me.

These are people who kept my child from me. This is the total amount of flights and legal fee I have put forward. Doesn’t count the penny’s I paid into my child support account. I wish/ (wanted) I could have paid more into my child support. I just couldn’t afford to pay the support after the overwhelming legal fees, plane tickets, used all my credit cards on plane tickets that were non-refundable. Due to the situation the airlines wouldn’t give me any refund for these unused plane tickets.
I was called a sperm donor by my child countless times especially around Father’s Day in 2014. I may be a sperm donor to this person who means the most to me. I am only a sperm donor because of the choices made by others and words these other people want use in front of you. I have never done anything but try to be a dad to this child. I called countless times, in beginning I called as much as I could.
Summer of 2012: I wanted to take my child with me for visitation. However I was so hurt by the acts of the adult in the situation after our time together in October 2011. Two weeks after that visit, the child called me telling me how much she hated me, I didn’t listen to her, I didn’t take her to do what she wanted, she didn’t like spending time with (my) family(which is her blood as well). This other side of the family kept telling her those people lie to you blood doesn’t mean anything.
I was wrong. I should’ve kept pushing to see you more in the early years. I too was hurt, I too was hurting by everything that was happening around me.
When I called her to ask her how her day was this day when I called to tell my child I didn’t want to take her that summer. I was outside in Newark, Ohio about to go into my mom  house to help her paint her house. I wanted to take my child that summer however my child went on how much she didn’t have fun the time before, didn’t want to spend time with our family, didn’t want to see my mom since she was mean,(yet this woman who is so mean gave your parent’s(at the time) money for two new houses for this child to have non-moldy house, along with gave money to this child’s mother to fix her teeth to stay in a rental at Radio drive). Yet she’s mean.
The child went on to tell me she was going to girl scout camp was so thrilled to go to camp since my house is boring. I don’t do anything fun. My house is no fun, yet I had already made contact with the girl scouts in Columbus, wanted to take my child to the summer camp in Columbus for the child and her dad weekends.
Why would the child be signed up for camp when should at be at my home?
Christmas 2012: my lawyer emailed me stating that the other party wants to her during my time yet I was under the impression that she would coming the week before hence why I made plans with my girlfriend to go on vacation while her daughter was visiting her family for the holidays. I told my lawyer at the time, I wanted to have visitation with my child. He said, “don’t waste your time if she hates you now, why keep trying” So I got rid of that lawyer as fast as I could. He wasn’t willing to fight.
Summer 2013: I had plans to move to Arizona with my girlfriend and her child. My girlfriend had job waiting for her in Arizona. I had email the other party about this plan to take her on our across country trip had so many fun places to stop along the way. I had to buy a return ticket for my child which I plan to buy after court that week. Then I got email from the other person’s lawyer which stated, ” Ms. BLANK will not be meeting you in West Virginia. Ms. Blank has contact child services about this matter.:”   I went to child services before our hearing the next day, The woman stated that there was a false claim made about me in regards to kidnapping my child. And it was a child custody issue, they will not be furthering the investigation.
I wasn’t going kidnap my child, I just wanted to spend my four weeks of visitation with her on vacation just as the other party took her to Disney World in 2011, when I asked to take her in St. Louis for December 26th until January 2. I never wanted to do anything but be a dad to my child.
I hired a new lawyer to get my visitation. I had court date in November of 2013. I got to spend time with my child. Yet it had to be at police station with a cop(former friend of mine), meanwhile the other party sat in her car and watched the whole visitation. Meanwhile having the cop stay with us. We talk a little bit. I felt something wasn’t right because these people were watching her, she kept asking me take her money to go skating or go to a movie. I had money to do any of these. I just wanted to talk with her to understand why she was SO mad at me.
I made her cool shirt with a panda and on the back it said BIG SISTER! Since my girlfriend and I were expecting our first child together. I hope to marry my girlfriend before having a baby together. However the divorce was taking so long to finished it was finalized in June of 2013.  My girlfriend and I planned a wedding for the time that my child would have been with us. That never happened, so just kept waiting until my child could be present for my second wedding so we could be a family.
That shirt was most likely throw away it may have been the wrong size, I just guessed when at Hobby Lobby. I asked the other adult person, if I could know the child’s sizes, this person emailed back, “none of your business,” so it went. This person emailed me countless times telling me that the child needed clothes, shoes, school supplies. I sent school supplies in 2012, then again. I wanted to send clothes as well along with crocs, yet this person never sent me as sizes.
Christmas 2013: I went to Charlotte, NC picked my child up at the airport we made our way to Phoenix. I listen to music with her on the plane. I thought to myself how beautiful this moment was. We grab a bite to eat at Subway. Met my mom, KT, and my girlfriend were waiting for us with open arms. KT and my girlfriend made my child this sign! We just laugh together when we saw it.
The judge ruled during this time. The other adult called me, “judge ruled you owe me $1400 a month Merry Christmas, and ____ can’t be at your house with that woman. Because of the third party guest ruling.”
This was just one of many phone calls that two weeks. This person went on to make false child abuse claims to the police, told them I was beating my children, that my girlfriend hit her daughter. The police came to my house twice in three days on false claims. Each time was for a call for check.  All wanted to do was ask my child what was going on at home. Why did the child hate me so much. Followed by the other adult stating that I was interrogating her. I was not. I wanted to know why few days before my visit I got an email that stated, “I should bury myself in a hole and never get out.” All I wanted was to understand why?  Why the hate? Why the hugs then to go back home and tell me I hate you.”
December 18, 2013: I got off work as painter, took a shower, put on my suit that I pick out for my wedding. My girlfriend took my child to Marshall’s let her pick out whatever dress she wanted. Headed to the courthouse off 40th st. We married with our children present which was perfect for us. Everyone was happy! Until the text messages started, my child was texting someone the entire time. Taking photos to take back and report.
I want my child to have a good relationship with both parents. Which is way it should be. It should be 50/50 parenting time and no child support.  The first person pay for their stuff at their home and whatever is needed thus the second person pays for the stuff their home and whatever is need. Health insurance should be 50/50. I had paid for health insurance as of 4/01/2016 when I started my new job. Enabling my child to go to her dentist twice a year. Instead of only going once a year on free day.
That would be in perfect world. We don’t live in perfect world. The supreme court ruled that a person can marry whomever ever they want letting LOVE win. Yet a human can not have a healthy relationship with their child.   Without it being about money. Yes, I understand I child can’t live off $1800 a month when a person house rent is $642 and car payment of $118 then factor in everything else. Thus leaving not much to live on. That is where child support comes in. To help. Not live off of. HELP.
Yet there are two cars. Both without a lien(loan). Both in a person name. Right the money came from across the sea as a gift or loan from the familia. The taxes were paid in full on the home every year in November. Yet an email was sent to me stating “Sell 1BTC for my property tax it was due. Now past due.” When I checked the public records, it was paid in full in November before the email was sent.
This is odd. Sell a bitcoin? Bitcoins where the same thing that someone’s account’s were frozen over.

When I spoke to my child for the last time for now, stated something I found funny,  “we’re broke” I had to tell her the truth. Your not broke there is plenty. Why else would the deal be made by the other party to forgo child support and other support? To get rid of me. Yes to get rid of me. I am sure my child went to the hearing in the first week of may to hear how I am such a dead beat dad.
Change her name drop mine. No surprise. Haven’t used my last name in years expect for the legal stuff, Like a passport in Sweden.

If this other person was so broke, it would drop the money owed or forward. Or just dropped it because I had the winning case. With all the information the PI was flying in the air to land in Charlotte on April 11, 2016 to appear in open court. Since the newest lawyer didn’t think the other client would bring the information needed to finish ED. The PI landed at 8:00 am. Court was at 9am. Lawyer told me be at his office to sign the papers.
I arrived with my wife and baby. I was upset. Tears were in my eyes as I signed. I signed for my smaller children. I didn’t sign for the debt that would have re-figured after the PI read his papers on the case.
I doubt the other person wanted to lose the upper hand. I didn’t want the alternator to brainwash my babies as well with the statements that are being said in front of their little ears. My 6 year asks me, “Why daddy does she hate us so much,”
I don’t have any idea why she hates us. I don’t know why at all. 
Bottom line was for DEBT. That was just something my legal support thought should be in there since the other party was pushing for me to walk away.
Truth is I spend over 5 hours speaking with my lawyer and my parental alienation coach to help me make this decision. My PA coach told me to write this blog to get the truth out!

I can see that the posts have been reported as well. I took down the all the pictures of the minor child thus I forgot I am no longer anything to her on paper. Just in DNA.

I am the victim. I was used. I did nothing wrong. I may have a jeep from my younger days. It was sold to get a more family car. Which was a Ford-150 base model. That truck broke down thus I had a job at the steak house, the other told me get whatever I wanted. I got the Dodge. As for the motorcycles: it was a hobby.  I no longer have either due to this divorce proceedings. Which is fine with me. Sold them for the cash to pay for more flights.
It was brought up that these were expensive: Yes to those who think that. It was actually $7,000. I put them on BOA loan with no interest. I had this loan down to $4,000 when it went into BK. The Dodge I had that almost paid off at $8,000. I ended up selling it for what I could. Just to pay for flights for court.
Everything I did was a reason. May not make sense to those who only heard one side of the story. I strongly believe my marriage was A SHAM.   

This happens all the time in America. I strongly believe that the divorce  
was planned once March 7, 2011 rolled around.