This is an email from the other adult in this situation stating that my child doesn’t want to come to my home because of things that happen at my home around Christmas 2013. However during this visit with me in a recap. The Police were called on me twice as false reports of abuse. The child was taken out of counseling without my knowledge. After speaking with the counselor she said it is very common in this situation for the adult who alienates: to take the child out when the child is close to making a break through or “getting it” that the alienation is happening. My child was taken out of counseling right after Skyping with each other. The other person stated to me ” I can’t afford it”
So I called the counselor, which stated to me, “it was not about the money. Is what was stated to me in regards to this matter. I am sorry, Paul. I am really I am. I know how much this meant to you.”

Ironically enough I visited while I was in town back in 2013: this counselor the same day that the other party was stopping in to give her some documents or something. I was taken out the back door to avoid running into this person. My child was not present this day.
((((I thought it was funny. Wanted to share it. 🙂  )))

After this email I sent another giving a list of counselors who take/taken my child’s insurance. In regards this email. I never got a response. The counselor also state she too, gave a list to the other person. With the insurance that my child has which is accepted everywhere.

On added side note, days before I am to land in Charlotte this year. I got another email stating my child is having headaches from her current glasses for her eyes. Which I called the insurance spoke with someone in regards to benefits for the person. The glasses can be replace or changed if the script is incorrect.  Furthermore this person I spoke with on the phone stated, that if the glasses were broken/lost a new pair can be issued free of charge.

 When I was in town in November of 2013.  I asked to have time to visit with my child. This the whole conversation.  I never would hurt either of these people. She is the mother of my beautiful daughter even thou my heartaches and this adult is doing an injustice to her by not allowing contact with a policeman present. Along with all the little things that have and going be said about me.

I find it rather funny, that I was married to her for 10 years had a child and we lost children together. I never wanted to lose our children. It was made very clear to me that the other person did not want them. Whereas, I wanted all my children no matter the cost. On April 10, 2016 was the day that the deal was made under finding facts that I would walk away and never come back. I was not wanted in her life.

This is day I’ll never forget. I said, “I love you!” Only if I knew if
would be for good before the “brainwashing began.” I got a “I love you too!”
Only if she knew how much I do miss her.

I am going keep posting the truth here. I am going keep telling everyone of what an injustice the situation is. That I wanted to fight. I wanted to pay. I am just a poor person. Whereas the other person has the best two cards in the deck THE WOMAN CARD and Fyou Money. I never stood a chance after they drop me off at the airport on July 19, 2011.

The plan was set and it was working.