Thank you so much. I have never felt so much love from the other persons friends and family.

This is who is viewing my blog…We all know who
lives in France. Thank you for your support!
Until today, when my Facebook gets hits from France and other places. Now this just confirms my thoughts. That I am being Cyber stalked. Rather scary to have someone so worried about what I write. I never got birthday cards or birthday phone calls from them. Except in 2011, on my birthday I got a gift of plane tickets to Sweden. I was told while we all were Skyping that the person’s mum who gave to me was willing to pay for them. Since she knew I could not afford the tickets for our family to travel to Sweden. Funny how things work out now.  
I assume by how many times my facebook and blog have been reported stating abuse. However this blog is my FREEDOM of speech. 
I am doing nothing wrong but stating the truth of my situation. Yet these folks want my mouth shut? But why? I have nothing to hide? 
Unless these folks do have something to hide?  That would make sense given the conversations I had with the Swedish government for the past five year in regards to pass(passport in Swedish) along with few others things that I am not allowed to speak about given the situation around them. Sweden is very kind in regards of information sharing with the Untied States as far as the investigations.The people I spoke with in regards to the passport this could not understand how it was even processed. Along with the fact that the pass(Swedish for passport)  was under my last name only. Even thou the name was (-). <<>>>>>
       I learn a lot in the last five years with what kind of people. I was dealing with on daily. In end the termination of rights was something I didn’t want to do. But needed to do in order for them to leave me alone. Funny they haven’t left me alone, stalking me on facebook, this site, and reported all my photos on facebook as fraud or abuse in order to have them deleted even thou I own the copyright on the photos.  What does it prove to have the photos removed? 
So that the child can’t find them to see I actually care about her and love her very much. Love doesn’t stop the day the ink is dry. It never stops its a consist like the water in rivers always flowing always there until global warming takes full effect. I’ll be dead before  2100. 
I was told child can’t live off air. Yet at the first opportunity to get rid of me and DROP all claims, agree to never come after me for support as I would never come after this other person, and drop all child support along with spousal support. 
So is the child living off the air? Or the bitcoins? Or all the stocks and bonds? Or possible what left after the lawyers. Either way, it’s funny. I never did it for the money. I did so this alienate(r) could leave  me and my family alone. Which was deal broken when this person refused to drop the lawsuit in Missouri against my current beautiful wife. 

Why report abuse on this blog. I just want to tell the truth of how I was alienated to further for this hidden plan. That I was not a part of. (for the record).

This blog has been reported for abuse for almost every single post. This I see similar to the top view.