Well here we are again. more time has passed, and of course more questions and lies have been told! Its funny how life works and things happen but the one thing I want to say before I start is that I LOVE my Daughter very much and it hurts the amount of lies  that were fed to her then and even now. I hope one day she will read this and look for the truth, or that it will hit her hard and she will realized what has happened by a narcissistic mom! I wish I did things different and had FULL custody of her but due to things out of my control I could no longer fight. I talked to many people including parental alienation specialists who helped me make up my mind
       They have seen cases much worse than mine but in the end they were afraid of my 3 young children and how they would be positioned. They said the brainwashing and controlling, and all the lies she has been told it would be impossible to have a relationship and she would poison the younger ones. They said post the truth and your feelings and when she gets older she will come asking question why dad gave up his rights….. Well for my friends that really know me they were shocked, but then I explained it like the professionals told me: Her mom has alienated her for 6 years, which means I bought plane ticket, sent her cards, gifts, school supplies and so on. I never go a thank you, but one time I did talk to her she said “oh mom threw them away and I already had plenty” Well all I am going to say is I tried. I had to call the school, doctors, dentists, girl scouts and so on to find out how she was doing and what she was doing. She also told me to bury myself in a hole, and that I never loved her,,,,,but yet I have years of emails, of cards, and corespondents with people her mother tried to block me from. Personally the best one is when her therapist said she was getting it and we were to start skyping, she was pulled out of counseling. It really makes you wonder. Anyway the professionals also said that in 4 years she will be 18 and at that point she is considered an adult, so how much do I want to fight with this person, and how much do am willing to spend for court, and everything associated with a kid saying I hate you! Well I thought about it and all I can say is I did what I did because I will not harm 3 innocent children who think the world of me, and love me for who I am. I am not perfect, not even close, I have a heart of gold and love being around my 3 blessings, I just wish the 4th would realize that she is loved too and open her heart and mind.

What might you ask is a narcissistic person well here is the definition:
 having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.
“a narcissistic actress”
synonyms: vain, self-loving, self-admiring, self-absorbed, self-obsessedconceitedself-centered,self-regarding, egotistic, egotistical, egoistic;

informalfull of oneself
“she was never happy in the narcissistic life that her press agent and manager had crafted for her”
  • relating to narcissism.
    “narcissistic personality disorder”                                                                                                                        
  •       Well it works well for her because she lies to everyone, the judge, her lawyer, the world and I would even say her friends if she has any left after this!
Ok before I start my little rampage I would like to thank google for my first amendment right and not taking down my postings. 
Second I would like to thank Europe for all the hits, makes me feel warm and fuzzy that I can speak the truth and that my blog is mine! My side of the story can me heard and if its not detailed enough please feel free to contact me.
Third I hope I can give words of encouragement to other people, so my story didn’t end the way I dreamed but I did have all the evidence, all the cards in my pocket the only thing I lacked was the means to finish it, and I ran out of time, if my daughter was younger it would have been a different story!
Lastly just to throw this out there but if anything ever happens to me or my new wife i would say look at the ex! Why you ask? well its simple, she wanted to control my life and my money and not use hers. But she have up 170k in child support and alimony and has the means to try to get even. That and when there is tax fraud, tax evasion, shell companies, social security fraud, voter registration fraud, and purgery to the courts, I wonder how hard it is to keep all these lies straight.
Here is what I know:
  1. I was used for citizenship for her and her mother.
  2. She had 3 social security numbers one being a total fake
  3. Her mom had 5 dating back to 1988
  4. She registered to vote with 3 different birthdays all in 1 year
  5. My daughter was a pawn for child support and alimony
  6. She is a European Millionaire claims shes is broke
  7. Food stamp and medicaid fraud is illegal but she still uses them
  8. My daughter was alienated from me so she could look like the hero
  9. Europe is great for forged passports and they have no problem sending you originals
  10. Adopted? No not according to Europe, mom is mom and dad is dad, but a relative said its not his for sure?
  11. Europe tax department…I will leave it at that but they are friendly and love information
  12. How can you be so broke but have 2 cars?
  13. How about buying a house where the paycheck barely covers the mortgage.
  14. BitCoins, please sell one for property tax….it was paid in November and you are asking in February for money?
  15. Lets not forget mr pay, he is a real pal!
  16. Oh stocks and bonds, and paints and jewelry too….lie to the court get high child support and alimony
  17. I am glad I filed bankruptcy fresh start for me!
  18. Used my family as well, alienated me from them and used their money
It goes on and on including where a lawyer writes false information on fact findings, wonder what the bar will say? 
I say it keeps getting more interesting as time goes on and yes for all the non believers I do have police reports, forged passports and proof on all the other things. When I have time I will black out all information not needed and post it on here. 
Till then goodnight everyone and I hope your story has a better ending than mine!