I have known for a long time. That my child never really gets my emails. I have assumed for a long time that the other adult got them and responded.

The email in 2011, I got from my child from the other adults account stated.

“i hate you” this was sent on August 13, 2011.

The grand total of emails to and from in the last five years was maybe 20 emails. Which all were about the same “I hate you”

In return I have over 1.000 emails between myself and the school, myself and doctor, myself and dentist. The whole time I am being told to walk away. I hate you. I replace all of you. I replace you with ____.

In the end, I have replace her in my life. No one will fill the shoes of my first child.
I may have adopted my step daughter, had two children with my new wife. But nothing ever changes how much I love you.

You will always be my daughter.  Just because right seems like I gave up. Oh he not her father as of May 4, 2016. SO, it just a document that court says that need to be signed, they need to say those things to get rid of me. It funny that I asked for a divorce on July 4, and the only thing I had left was on May 3. Great timing….

I assume that this child was present got to ask to drop my last name, assume the only name fit in the mind at the moment. Since everything is a gift. IT is not a gift, this other person is not broke.

I know the truth. I found out the truth from Sweden. I found out the truth from everyone.

Why else would there be a trip to Disney World in 2011 eat with the princess. Call me on Christmas. Yet in the last five year have never called me, besides to call me back. No calls since. Funny right? To call me to tell me about an IPAD? “Daddy I am eating breakfast with the princesses. ” That’s great sweetie.” And I say, I love you. And hung the phone up. I went back into my moms house, sat down for breakfast with her.

There is so much family her that Loves you.

Your Grandma,
Your Grandfather RIP
Your Sisters,
Your brother.

We never took anything down, we still have our photos up. With you smiling ear to ear on Christmas when you painted my toes nails! That was so much fun. Something we did together.

Have photos of us on hiking!

Have photos of your first birthday!

Swimming Lessons!

Your first Rams Jersey Signed!

I didn’t give up on you. Find your light bulb moment. Embrace it.