Hi Readers,

I was reading something very funny to me.
I was called out for not paying child support correctly.
FRANKLY, I paid $25. The reason why it made the other person use her money thus creating a paper trail as I was told by many investigates.  In results to this, the person was able to gain the benefits of this by collecting Welfare: SNAP: Medicaid.  Also on this person taxes gain the earn income credit enabling this person to get upwards $5,000 free money from the IRS.
It was not to feed my new family. My new wife works very hard to help put food on the table. I was told I was nothing but a REPLACEMENT daddy for my other daughter. My wife was never looking for a replacement father her daughter has a father. She consists is in contact with his family supporting a healthy relationship.
I find it funny that my wife is being sued over a blog, however, the person suing her is doing the same thing slander, emotional distress and sharing a story that is not hers.  
I choose to adopt my stepdaughter because we are a family. She deserved to have the same last name as her mommy and daddy.  I love her like my own daughter.
It was also stated by an outside source that my wife is leaving me. Your right my wife is leaving me. I actually will be leaving her when I die. My wife has no reason to leave me, nor wants too. She okay with who I am. I am not perfect, no one is perfect that is what makes us human.
It was stated by this other person please seen the screen shots. I feel bad for this person to have to be friends with the other person who gave him such untrue information. But that is what a NARCISSISTIC PERSON does keep coming after people like me and my family. This abuse will never stop not even with the FORCED termination of parental rights. Which this only the 6th time I have been asked to do so. The only reason I took the deal was because my lawyer told me to since like he stated, “SHE WILL NEVER STOP, we get you your daughter but this woman will never stop trying to hurt you and your children.” 

This is the screen shot of the hate mail from this man
who I doubt is really who he says he is. The grammar is
awful. Seems like someone created a fake profile to
further the plan.

I wanted to keep fighting this battle, which I should have. Bottom lie I DO NOT HAVE A QUARTER OF MILLION USD. IN A BANK IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!!!

In the end, the person who wrote this is being lied to; I am not mad at him. He(she) just misinformed.

My first marriage was a shame. I was nothing more than a green card and citizenship. Sex was given every night BEFORE marriage. Then after marriage, there was no love making. On our wedding cruise after the, I Do’s it was over. Something was different, I thought it was just the wedding cake.

No, I should’ve listened to my family, my grandfather when told me to walk away. When the only thing that the other person care about was citizenship.

The errors are very present here. It is very poorly written
, I strongly believe someone else wrote it.

This person even wrote the letters for my family and had them sign them. These letter where used to gain the citizenship to Untied States of America.

Its funny for someone who is written in Sweden yet their passport states Bruit, Lebanon.

Yet in the hospital in Charlotte when my child was born she put SWEDEN as her birth country. To avoid supplying documents to Sweden when my child needed a passport. This person also forged my name on a passport application in Sweden. Never once called asked me about any passports.

Then the source went on to state the passport submitted for my child in Sweden; DID NOT have the proper paper work for non-resident of Sweden.

This was the end of the message.

It funny when I explain to the government the situation. They explain there is no paper work supporting this birth in Sweden. The proper channels where not taken to make this person a citizen. We have to further our search.

I spend in total over 100 hours in talks with people in Sweden in regards to this matter.  The lies don’t stop there not even close. My personal information was used with out my permission.

No cares that I was hurt in this process and situation so was a child.
This child needed her father.
Needed me to set the standard for future men in her life yet I was torn away by others choices.

Now there is no one to set the stardard for her.