Well, time for thoughts and feeling before bed time, I know I can sleep good at night with my decision!

The only thing that is new is that if my daughter ever wants her father back, paper or no, I will always be there for her. I may not be a millionaire, and have rich relatives but I do have a place in my heart and a roof over my head. We may not have large screen tvs, ipads, or material things, but they are material things that we don’t have a need for! My kids don’t those things and are limited to an hour of tv a day or a movie. I believe in being honest and having communication with my kids. Getting on the floor and playing with them or take them swimming!

In the end there are 2 sides to every story and mine hasn’t been heard hence why I post what I do! In the end 33 contempt charges against her, I feel like the truth should be known and can’t wait till i have time to do a time line with the facts. I just wish the other government would get back to me, I hate the clause we can’t say anything with an ongoing investigation.

I wish all the people i know could hear and see the truth and see my side of things. Well here is the opportunity to ask and find out, yet i know no one will contact me. I guess that’s what happens when you have been lied to for that many years. I guess she has played the victim so long its hard for people to see whats really going on. But its not about her and her lies its about my daughter who i hope takes time to read this and learn the truth, to ask the questions and grow up and find who she is and who i am, a loving father, supporting father.

I guess now that i think about it i would do a few things different, i still think i would have done what i did but i should of had the private eye come to court and rake her over the coals and prove what a piece of work she is! I will say it was never about the money, because when you don’t have it,,,well lets just say you can’t bleed a stone! The funny thing in the end i lost nothing, there may be  piece of paper saying my rights were terminated, but i will always be her dad, and she looks a lot like me 🙂 and that is the best thing that could have ever happened. And as i said before she will always have a place in my heart and in my home if needed. I hope that she asks the questions of why and how. Why did you block or keep him out of my life,

I have been reading and talking to many people including my parental alienation specialist and how children are poisoned and the other parent turns the child against the other. Well according to many of these people the child will find out about the lies and start questioning the other parent. Several that i have talked to said they found out the truth and are mad at the parent they grew up with, and the relationship goes from bad to worse as they find out the lies. One person i talked to found his dad after 10 years of alienation and he then only had 7 years to be with his father before he passed away. Imagine finding out that the mother lied for all those years and being cheated out of a live with your dad. I really hope she discovers the truth, and soon, of course there is nothing wrong with me at this point but i want to spend as much time with my kids as possible.

Enough for now time for bed, thanks for all the people who read this and i hope your story has a happier ending!