These are moments are the best moments of my life. Making
memories with my children (all of them). 

Still wanting to get the truth out there, I wish there was more I can do. I know the karma bus is picking up speed! At first the bus wasn’t moving fast enough but now that I am a free person everything(child support, alimony, arrest warrant, nasty emails, hate mail from the other person’s family and lastly those small mind thinkers who think that the other person word is the final word) has changed. I know karma is also slow to come around but it always seems when I need something or falling short something always comes up.  Krama provides for me what I am looking for.
Like work, after applying to job after job, a company calls me and wants me! What a great feeling to be able to provide again. Now that I think about Life if I am at a red light in downtown  and see a homeless person, I think about what I have, how lucky I am, with my family, and the few possessions I have!
The simple things like a roof over my head, able to take a shower, go the bathroom in a toilet, wash my hands and eat when I am hungry. I try to keep a  cool or cold water with me and offer it since I don’t have money to give away. One gentleman, looked at me I rolled my window down and offered a water, he accepted, opened it and took a few big gulps, put the lid on and put it in his pocket. He then said thanks and God Bless, walked back to his spot. Again waving and giving a head nod of thanks. It makes me feel good when something so small to most of us is so big to someone who has nothing.
 I just wish my daughter would realize this and see me for who I am and not the lies she being is told. I know its a matter of time but it just seems to be going so slow. I wish laws would change sooner rather than later, parenting time was 50/50 and there was no child support or alimony.
You can’t say you are a single parent with a deadbeat when you alienate the other parent! You are a criminal and should be charged with child abuse, the movement is coming, i just wish the movement was stronger and it was sooner. I also wish  I met my lawyer and specialist years sooner, it would be a different story! Yet this is the Lords plan I need to trust in him that this is all part of his greater plan for myself and my family.