I read this. Thought to myself was this what had a happen.

  1. Physical Abuse.
  2. Incessant Criticism
  3. Regular Defensiveness
  4. Contempt
  5. Stonewalling

These things happen to me. When I was home. Thus the reason why I couldn’t stand being home. It wasn’t Indra. It was her. Her Being my ex-wife.

6 Signs You’re A Toxic Partner

You don’t have to look much further than the nightly news to find extreme examples of toxic relationships. But even on a smaller scale, there are demeaning behaviors that infuse toxicity into a partnership. Worse, many of us may commit them without even realizing it.

Beyond physical abuse, some relationship red flags may be dismissed as common ways to cope. That’s a mistake. Esteemed relationship researcher Dr. John Gottman has pinpointed four additional categories for toxic behavior in relationships: incessant criticism, regular defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling. These behaviors are so destructive to relationships that Gottman refers to them as “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

Within those categories, there are plenty of subtle habits that can be toxic, according to two relationship experts we talked to. The good news, though, is there are plenty of ways to overcome bad behaviors and make a relationship even stronger. (The exception being when there is violence. That, the experts agree, is always cause to end the relationship and seek help from a licensed therapist.)

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My ex-wife controlled everything. My relationships with friends, family and general people interactions. When I think back even further: the day I stood up for my ex-wife when her and my mother got into a fight. I should have never took my ex-wife side. That day was game changer she knew after that I would bend to her. Thus allowing her to alienate me from my brother, Jim and his then wife Jessica. My mother, and my grandfather who I wish could’ve spent more time with Indra. I also wish he was here so I could tell him that he was right about what he said to me. Yet I think he sent me my new wife to help me find the truth. My ex-wife would never took Indra around my family; yet her mother could live at my house?