The gospel of yoga, mindfulness, and organic-everything didn’t come out of nowhere. In a world in which once-cherished social safety nets rapidly disappear, taking care of oneself has become an increasingly privatized—and increasingly expensive—endeavor. At The Baffler, Laurie Penny unpacks the ascendant ideology of self-care, and explains why it’s so hard to find an alternative […]

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Need to take of yourself while fighting this fight against the alienators. Self-health keeps your mind, body, and soul living during these hard times.

Everyone I speak with in terms of specialist of alienation says the same thing, to find something that makes you happy! I personally never thought much of Yoga but it works! I found myself enjoying every minute after taking care of my four children. Yes, four children, I may not have parental rights but I am still her father, my DNA is still what made her. I still think about her hope she doing well.

I assume everything is fine since her grandmother was to have cancer and Indra needed a passport last year to go see her grandmother in Sweden yet really went to Mexico on a cruise with her mother during my visitation.  Appears to be in Eco Beach Park on July 09, 2015.  It’s sad to think my ex-wife went to court in June 2015 to get a passport granted and judge stated to her not to leave the country it would be kidnapping. That may be why I was not informed of them leaving the state of North Carlina or the Country for that matter.

Just another reason why I was the force out of my daughter life. So my ex-wife would avoid jail time for perjury.  On the documents that I received in regards to the termination of parental rights which I had agreed to so I would be able to have a life with my three young children. Which now I see that everyone was right that Paula would somehow brainwash them as well.

Either way for someone who works for a school system in Monroe, NC,  is a teacher assistant, has no support from me, can afford to go on a cruise? I am really going to enjoy yoga before my work day tomorrow along with listening to my church sermon.


This is Indra’s gift that I found for her. It was handmade in China, hence the right square on the bottom left-hand side. This was going to be her Birthday gift, I had planned on giving to her at the airport December 2014. This is still waiting for her along with everything else I have found for her.



I love Indra! I wanted to take her on vacations, had planned a trip to San Diego, so she would be able to see the Panda. Indra never got on the plane for that visitation nor any of them since December 2013. When I asked why it was because I did not listen to her. And that she hates me for what I did. Keep in mind with alienation children it is always something you/me/target parents did and the alienator is the HERO. My ex-wife is always the HERO hence the lies to the school, to Indra about everything.


In fact, I listen to her. I understand, why she has to hate me, in order to make her life easier in North Carolina.  I listen to Indra talk to on my bed on an evening, then cops were at my door because of false abuse allegations were called in by a woman in North Carolina. The police also state the woman stated the child’s name as Indra Broms. When at this time Indra name had my last name up until it was changed this year after the force termination of parental rights.

Funny, how the small things are overlooked in the heat of the moment. I did learn that Indra was mad because she thought I was mad at her. Far from the truth, I am not mad at Indra nor Paula. God has a plan. We just need to see the plan through. I pray Indra finds her way through this plan.

Take care of yourself as I did. I have my faith that carries me through tough days like today.

“And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.” Isaiah 58:11

The Lord guides me. As he should guide you to the truth. The truth is not far from you. The truth may hurt, it may make you mad, you may make you sad, but love is near. Love is not far, love is just a phone call away!