This is a video Indra took of Paula and I at the St. Louis Zoo . Who would ever think that my sweet little girl who now is a young lady? Would nothing to do with her dad, tell him to bury himself in a hole and never come out because I refused to buy her a Xbox one for Christmas 2013.

I am now restricted on her google account, which google explain that I can not contact her since she is restricted.   I am blocked on Skype have been for a while. Assumed Indra had her own Skype and that Paula would Skype me acting like Indra.

Well, now you can see what my family looked like before this ugly thing called divorce and parental alienation hit.

I had a blast that day with Indra. Walking around enjoying the Zoo. Wish there could have been more days like that with her. There could be in the future if she would ever be willing to hear the other half of the story.

Just remember, “Indra your Swedish, don’t let anyone tell you differently,” is what Paula use to tell her. I disagree, Indra is American.  On Indra’s birth certificate, it states that Paula is from Sweden yet on our marriage license sign to get married in St. Thomas states Beirut, Lebanon.  Yet when speaking to people in Sweden, they stated there are no birth records. Yet her mother is her mother, her father is her father. Yet there are no birth records, they must have just applied for a passport and since they are Swedish. Therefore makes her Swedish.

And this person went on to say , ” I am deeply sorry for your loss, I couldn’t image having someone steal my child, and forge my name on a legal document.” This person is talking about the Indra’s Swedish Passport which my name was clearly forged for Indra to have one.

That passport forged was done during their month long vacation to Sweden once again during my visitation in 2014.

It’s a thing don’t get on the plane we get to go on Vacation! Another parental alienation thing. Along with only using mom’s last name. Even though in Sweden Indra had my only my last name on legal documents. Which I assume has been changed.

If I am found dead or anyone of my family. It is because of the truth. And the only persons who want me dead is my ex-wife and her family. Since the truth is too much to handle.

That or I am going be sued for so-called, defamation of character. Like they are doing to my wife.  This is not defamation of character, I have all the proof and plenty of copies of it.

Defamation of character is someone going to work and telling their co-workers that I am a dead beat dad, my children are monsters, and I am selfish. I far from selfish.  Along with stating to their co-workers and friends, he only did it because of the back support. I did not do it because of the back support. I choose to terminate my parental rights because the system is aginst men in North Carolina, the judge is known for ruling unfairly for men, Indra told me to walk away over hundred times, I just didn’t want Paula to hurt my three children.

It is not fair to my three children to hear me ask Indra, how are you, what new, To get back, “Fine, None of your business, Why you don’t care.  I replaced you.” When indeed I have always cared.  No one could ever replace Indra. Indra will always be my first born.