July 14, 2016 Source: mondaq.com The U.S. Department of State reported yesterday that more than 600 children were abducted by parents from the United States to another country in 2015. A substantial number of those children may never be returned to their parents in the United States. The Department of State’s 2016 Annual Report on International […]

via Department Of State’s Annual Report Highlights Risk Of Parental Child Abduction — Parental Kidnapping and Abduction. We Can Help Recover your Child



I agree with this on so many levels! As I deny Indra’s passport before my ex-wife, Paula Broms took me to court and was granted an American passport(since Paula forged my name on Indra’s Swedish Passport). Which then took Indra to Mexico during my visitation after the Judge told her that it would be international Kidnapping. Funny! How was I told I am the bad guy because I could not afford to pay support yet she’s in Mexico on a Teacher assistant salary?

Lastly, I was not informed of this vacation until I found it on Google+. Yet on April 8th, 2016 Paula wanted me arrested for documentation yet she willing broke the law!

. These photos are public on the above Google+ page for the world to see. Showing off her law breaking, yet the Judge thinks her mother had cancer? Photos of Indra and Paula in Mexico


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I did. They called me in April of 2015, when Paula submitted Indra’s passport without my knowledge and consent and called me within 12 hours of the application being submitted. Then deny the application. So that lead to Paula taking me to court on June 8, 2015, to get Indra a passport fully lying knowing that Indra was to be on the Southwest Flight to Phoenix that weekend!

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