As get gets closer for Indra to start school. Just is just a friendly reminder of all the back classes I missed because of her mother. All the fun lost buying school supplies, clothes, and shoes. I genuinely miss the fun times with her such as picking out Crocs or shoes. Indra uses to like to wear Crocs -the cute blue ones. It’s rather funny; I use to have to buy Indra a new pair almost every year now I buying my son a new pair almost every six months, same color just different jibits. Frank likes to have a dog one(from the lady and the tramp) and a car(from the Movie Cars).


Wal-Mart shopping without Indra. 


In 2011, I sent Indra a box of back to school items that I had brought for her. In 2012, I also had planned a big shopping day however Indra didn’t want to come to Ohio to visit me. In 2013, my ex-wife filed a motion to suspend visitation, submitted a false report to the DES office in Monroe, NC In this report Paula stated that she was fearful that Indra’s father was trying to kidnap Indra and take her to Arizona then take her out of the country. Which was a lie, I was moving to Arizona; I thought it is fun for Indra to see the country. We planned a stop every 350-400 miles that had something fun or education for the trip. An entire vacation just Indra and I. Since my wife and soon to be step-daughter were going fly to Arizona and meet me later.

This perfect vacation never happened because of Paula.  Paula refused access to Indra; I had court asked if I could see Indra since I was staying at the Best Western in Monroe, NC. Paula then refused for me to see Indra, stating she was at the movies with her mother, Margot.

Later that summer Indra hurt her ankle, which I called spoke with Indra about the injury. Called the doctors in regards to injury. I was denied access to these records because Paula blocked me from talking to them. I emailed Paula almost every week that summer in regards to Indra and her health updates. Paula would only give me a word answer, most of the time, “she is fine,” “why do you care now” “why does it matter you don’t your support!.”

In 2014, I planned another big summer vacation for Indra and myself to go to the Zoo in Cali to see the Panda bear. This visitation Indra apparently refused to get on the plane yet again. SHOCK SHOCK. NOT Really. It was another block by her mother; I am sure there was nothing in Indra’s suitcase that which are in seen in photos that the PI took. Turn out Indra was going to Demark then to Sweden for a month! How impressive expect, I called Indra on July 8, 2014. Indra stated to me that there was nothing new, she was walking dogs with her friend, Linda. Which turns out Linda, signed the document once or twice? I guess that is for Linda to look at?

I spoke to an agent at the FBI who stated that my signature was for sure forged as well as another person.  This agent also stated: I should be careful, with people like this, since if these people are willing to forge a passport in another country what else are they able to do?

Interesting, I thought to myself. So this my wife of ten years is willing to break the law to get a passport for my daughter? Without asking me, because she knew, I would say, No. What else is she willing to do? Kill? Steal? Fraud? Lie?

Personally, I did not want to take my chances; I wanted Indra safe away from her. I knew Paula would never give Indra up. I knew in the end; Paula wanted me to pay.

Pay for what you may ask? Well it all started in the mid 2000’s when Paula and I did not see eye to eye on a lot, children, How to raise Indra, my mother, her mother(not her real mother), her sister(not her real sister or is she? The insiders in Sweden say something very diffenrt.), murder of our baby(abortion), jobs, money, food, clothing, and finally LIFE.

This is when I see that marriage was failing. This is when I should have filed for divorce instead of being a good husband and taking the abuse. I should walk out on her when she tried to kill herself. The doctor told me it was a cry for help! So I stepped it up. I wanted to take Indra and go to New York and start over without this woman. Who cut me down the day after, day after day, I was told I never could change Indra appropriately. My mother could not care for Indra, yet Paula’s mother could leave Indra in a hot car to go into a store.

Correct we are not all perfect but when someone claims that they are BROKE, a Student, can’t afford to pay for college, but then turns out 15 years later that she’s a Swedish Millionaire! Everything matters. Especially when you were used for nothing more than a green card, marriage visa, and citizenship card for herself and her mother. We had separate everything from checking, saving, 401K, Swedish accounts (that I knew about but I was told they are worthless), Indra has plenty of money in these accounts as well. Indra is well taken care of, it seems very werid for someone who has so much in Sweden, needs welfare?


Reduced lunches for Indra, actually FREE. Yet Paula puts extra money on there. The school told me about this in my last conversation with in January 2016 when I asked how Indra has been eating. I’d asked other times no was willing to answer me. Nor take my calls.

 FYI to the people who read this if either my wife, children or myself are missing find these people they would know what happen to us all.

Moving on to 2015, back school Paula emailed me weird… Of course, it was to be used against me in court stating Indra needed PE clothes. Which Paula wanted me to pay for it. Which I was willing to do, if Paula gave me the correct information. As Paula told me, Indra can’t live off Air, which Indra is living better than me currently. Large screen TV, Mini fridge, iPad(all these in her room), new clothes, shoes, vacations every year….  Whereas,

I am barely breaking even every month since I took countless jobs that  required less time(away from Indra) at these jobs were not salaried jobs so I was able to give Indra more time with me while she was with my house. 

I had countless vacation time requested off just for Indra and I to have time together. Unlike the last time she visited, Indra stated to me that I didnt spend time with her, so I went ahead and changed that by getting blocks off at time, working at times a 15 day schedules thus allowing me to have the entrie winter break off or spring and summer was little harder since I had planned to be off almost 90% of it. Which never mattered since Indra never came to see me. In the end, alienated parents buy school supplies for your child take a photo, upload it to your google drive thus allowing you to share it with your lawyer. I also found saving it to a flash drive also works really well. I created few google accounts to allow myself extra space, for free.

In the end, alienated parents buy school supplies for your child take a photo, upload it to your google drive thus allowing you to share it with your lawyer. I also found saving it to a flash drive also works really well. Flash drive are my new best friend plus I have them at the local bank attached to my living will. Thus allowing the truth to be given to the person that needs it the most upon my death.

 Indra and I listen to this song on the Airplane to my house in Arizona the one time she came to visit me in Arizona. I like to hear the song from time to time.  It plays on the radio I turn it up on the highway! To remember our trip together. The fun we had. The pictures we painted, the cookies we baked as a family. The flour we got everywhere! We had a blast! At least I did!

My favorite part of the entire trip was getting to take father & daughter photos together, without her mother calling screaming at me, calling the police on me, it was just Indra and me.

                                                             <3Love you very much Indra.