It is a new school year, Wow. Where did the time go, seems like last week you were just walking to me.
Welcome to the 8th grade. Can’t believe my little girl is in the 8th grade. I hope you’re having a blast. I am also very proud of you and your grades. You are doing a fantastic job at the school. Keep up the good work!  

Wish I could be there for you to tell me about your first boyfriend. Who your friends are, who you eat lunch with when your mom doesn’t visit you; I liked your cool letterman’s jacket, wish you would’ve told me about it. Would have helped pay for it. I would have loved to know what you lettered in. I did not letter in anything in middle or high school since we moved a lot as a child being that your grandpa and grandma were in the Air Force.  

  I am always here for you as your cheerleader in the parking lot, where only allow being until December 2, 2020. When I am allowed actually to see you in person if you allow me.

The newest highlights in my life as you start the 8th grade. Your sister Stephanie is talking up a storm; I tell her stories about you. She hasn’t started walking yet which is normal. Wish so much you could have met her. She brings back the good memories of when you were her age, as does things Frank does.

Frank is your brother; he is now 2 and a half since the last time I called your cell phone. When I told you he was born, I was so excited to share that moment with you. It was the second best day of my life, besides your birth. In the middle of a snowstorm in Charlotte.

I wish you did not change your cell number; we could have texted, play Minecraft together. I learn how to play just for you so we could play at my house.

As for your step-sister, Katelynn, misses you very much. Katelynn likes to tell stories at dinner about you both playing your Ipad, “the cake game” as Katelynn tell everyone at dinner. Katelynn Asks about you all the time. I explained to her that you don’t hate her, you just can’t be here for her right now. Especially wanting to know if she can see you in St. Louis.

Congrats on the start of another great year!

I miss you very much! Love you bunches my pumpkin! (if I am even allowed to call you that now since you’re almost all grown up!)

Love your dad


aka your cheerleading in the parking lot 🙂