Indra and I in Sweden. This is the only photo; I have from that trip since the rest were taken by Paula when she moved out of our home in St. Louis in July of 2011. I had a blast with Indra on this trip!

I was trying to get some of the photos back myself and Indra however Paula refused to send me anything of mine back. I did send her anything and everything as a good person would! I send her back her boots, jackets, anything of hers that she left at the house in a mist of the beginning of our divorce.

My name,
You need to stop calling your daughter a liar. She doesn’t lie. Indra is old enough to deicide if she wants to call you _____ or dad and how she choices to write her name. I can’t make her call you dad nor write your last name. She is soon 12 years old.
This email was in regards to Indra calling me dad or by my real name. Also, Indra decided to drop my last name, which was also noted in this email. These emails get progressively worst as time goes on, one minute she is nice to me the next Paula said nothing and refused to answer questions.

Folks this real parental alienation is real. This needs to stop.