Decided the world needs to know. In the process of wiring a book of my account of what happen; along with all the letters I have received from other alienated parents. Like I said before parental alienation doesn’t just affect me, it affects everyone mothers, fathers, step-parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles, and the child.

My seven-year-old asks me about Indra all the time; we went school supplies shopping she saw a panda Ipad case said, “Indra would like this, but she doesn’t want me.” Why should my seven-year-old feel like she is unwanted because of an adults choice? It was not my choice to have things end this way, the only option I had was to be a dad.

Which I was Indra’s father, I would call Indra, Skype Indra(actually Skype Indra on Indra’s account which I am blocked from before May 4, 2016), Skype Paula, Call Paula, for what to be cut off, yelled at, told I am not her dad, that I have been replaced.

The truth is I was never replaced; it was the money was gone, there was never any money, to begin with. Overall a child many not be able to live off nothing but air, yet air keeps the child breathing. I feel as thou a life was stolen from me, because I didn’t want to stay married to her mother, Paula Broms.

Paula was not the perfect wife she makes herself out to be; she treated me very badly in the last five years of your marriage after I signed to make her mother a citizen of the USA. As time went on, I grew distant from Paula; she didn’t want anything to do with most of the time. I rarely would I even get a hug, kiss, or even time to cuddle and just talk to her. Paula would go out to the couch and watch TV for hours while Indra and I slept.

Knowing the situation now she may never be watching TV but calling her mother and sister. I will never the know the full truth, but with a heavy heart, I know that she for a fact the marriage was not my fault. Not all my fault, yes there are times like any marriage has issues, to my defense I love her. May have jumped into too fast with marriage should’ve seen where things went after the visa expired.

We should have live together longer, learn more about each other, instead of getting married so soon. Bad choice on my part, I just wanted to please her, gain her acceptance. As with the divorce, I gave her to the control to file in North Carolina, should’ve listened to my friends in St. Louis and filed there. Waiting until Indra started school in St. Louis, then files for divorce.

Things may have been different, life to short to live with regret. I refuse to bet myself up over what happen rather than look at the positive.

The positives of this whole situation are I have a beautiful daughter, who is left handed as well, brilliant, on the honor roll, created a cool robot, won a medal for that robot; I couldn’t be more proud of her!

There is plenty of time after the age of 18 to spend together. It was just sad; I was never allowed to be a proper father to Indra. I was never allowed to change her diapers, never allowed to be hands on; I could do nothing right. All wanted to be was a father to my child.

Thank you for everything! I couldn’t be happier with the way my life turn out because of this alienation. I have grown so much as person, I learn that you love again, I learned that there is no greater love than God’s love.

Finally, I want thank Paula for stealing Indra away from me. Using her as chip in our dirvoce to get what Paula wanted me to leave her alone and Indra alone. Just like Paula told me on the phone on so many moons ago.

I love you Indra. You always have a place in my heart and my home. When your are ready.