I had the best time in place to help me win full custody, from the specialist, lawyers the only thing I did not have on my side was time. Also my daughter, with Indra’s age and the circumstances around my case.  The circumstances being Indra’s age and the judge on my case and the fact that my ex-wife lawyer pushed for me to jailed.

Not for back support, which myself I am surprised that fact but for documentation that my other lawyer was to turn in. Which he failed to do. Figures.

In my case, I had over three lawyers in workings on my case to win full custody of Indra. Everything was in place except Indra did not want me. Indra wanted nothing to do with me. Since my ex-wife, Paula, made sure that Indra did not want me. It was to the point Indra called me by my first name, dropped my last name at school, girl scouts, and everywhere else expect her forged passport in Sweden and the passport that was granted by the judge in Monore. Otherwise, I could be dead to her.

I would call Indra; Indra told me she had a disco themed birthday for over three years now, not like I was keeping track. Which I was, this is a critical part of any case. Record your calls, unless ordered not too, which I was at first then that was not added to my other orders, so I recorded 95% of my phone calls with Paula and Indra to use in court if needed. Which all my lawyers told me to do.

Not only did I record the calls, but I also kept a call log, package log with tracking updates, all photos, and anything that was from Paula or Indra.

Hate mail started coming in 2013, from Paula’s mother or adoptive mother, in regards to my character. Not only myself received hate mail, but there was also hate mail sent to my mother as well! This is common to happen, along these persons writing a letter to judge about my character citing that I was an awful person because I drove from St. Louis to Monroe to pick Indra and Paula up then moved them into our family house in St. Louis. However, Paula didn’t pack everything on the first load there was not enough room between my truck and the trailer and Paula’s old car(before her new car) for everything which left Indra to ride with Paula for the journey. Meanwhile, my friend and I were in my truck, which we drove non-stop to get to St. Louis to unload. None of this was noted in the letter to the judge.

Be careful this will happen! The other parent will do ANYTHING to knock you down; my new wife has a lawsuit just because! Keep your head up during these dark moments. There are darker moments in life than these attacks! If these attacks become too much seek help from someone, I couldn’t tell you how many times I would call my counselor explaining to her my situation. There were times that I couldn’t explain, like flying 15 hours to see Indra in Charlotte, NC just for her to tell me she hates me, and that she will never see me again. Those just some the most painful moments, yet I rather look at the good, like when we made lip gloss together!

I found this to be helpful as well, Wolf Rising, this woman helped me in my darkest hours, through countless heartfelt moments, her words helped me make the hardest decision in my life.  I have no regards in my life; Pam helped me see that no matter, how hard I fight, Paula is going keep controlling my life if I let her, so by saying good-bye to Indra on my on terms the best I could without Paula controlling it.

That didn’t happen Paula shout and screamed when I told Indra the truth the best I could,

Which was,


You know why I am calling?

Indra, “No, oh yea, you gave up your rights because of your debt(child support and alimoly.”

Me, “No, Indra. I can’t keeping fighting, it not about the support.

Indra, “No, its about the money. It always has been.”

Me,  “Your mom is swedish millioniare, I can’t afford to keep up with her. I can’t afford this fight anymore. I love you! I miss you.

Congrauations, I love you, you got what you wanted me to be gone. I never wanted to leave, she pushed me out.”

The phone call was disconnected. 

You could hear Paula screaming in the background, later Paula noted in the final order that I told Indra I did not want her. Which is false! I love Indra, I miss Indra. Paula also lied in that final order so many times.

In the end, people who around Paula strongly feel that I am a sperm donor, I walked away, I made these choices.

The only choice I made was to be Happy.

You all need to make your choice to feed into their alienation or found your HAPPINESS!

I found mine every day, especially knowing the truth, that I did everything I could do with the money I had, with the resources I had, the judge that was given to my case, in the end, there are only three choices, life, death, and happiness.

Thank my wife every day because, without her, I would have never had my son and daughter, I wouldn’t have a reason to live. My ex-wife tried to take everything from me, from personal items to my daughter. Which to this day, she believes she did, let her.

I may be missing another open house for Indra as she starts the 8th grade next week. I am looking to the future with her. I can’t wait to see her graduate from high school followed by college, watch her get married, have the child of her own and rebuild this relationship. When she is ready otherwise, I am hanging out as her parking lot cheerleader not yet allowed to cheer in the varisty football game!