Congrats to Missouri on pushing EQUAL Parenting time Law! Which has now gone into effect!

The only thing I would have changed in my case would have filed for everything in Missouri and keeping Indra, and promote a healthy relationship with Paula.

That did not happen. Good news is that you read about Missouri new LAW at this link.

Otherwise, currently in my house there is so much going on, my second grader is getting ready to start the Swim team! My son, Frank is a boy, rough, tough, all round boy, he been taking swimming lessons as well. No swim team for him yet. As far my youngest, Stef, she hasn’t start official walking on her own yet, she’s making progress! Baby steps!

Indra started school, her eight grade year! As with normal parents looking forward to everything, I am left in the dark because of the force termination of parental rights.