After a great deal of thought.

Most tell me to stop looking.

Most tell me to stop writing this blog.

Most tell me to stop trying.


Stop looking? How can a person stop loving their child?  Is my response to that question.

Stop writing? Would you stop loving your child? No. Then why would I stop? I want Indra to find me. I am not hard to find.

Stop Trying.

That is funny since my ex-wife, Paula Broms, told me I didn’t try hard enough. I didn’t put any effort into the marriage; I didn’t put any effort into anything.

Something happens to me,

I was relocated for my job, which meant my family had to move again, well in the midst of unpacking. I found ALL of my photos that I had left of Paula and me from when we started dating, our trips to Sweden, Chicago, and of course one of the single best days of my life Indra’s birthday, 02 December 2002.

I couldn’t help but to start crying when looking at the photos, tears of pure joy of finding them. I found few; I am going take and get the frame so that the kids can see their sister, Indra.

I may be dead to Indra and everyone else who supports them in this revenge against, Indra’s  Dad. Indra didn’t die on 04  May 2016, my responsible for Indra was eased by a judge. Doesn’t mean the Judge changed Indra’s DNA, nor her appearance(which is starting to look a like her dad’s side of the family, or I am just biased)

To Indra, 

I am still looking for you; I am still here waiting for you to find me. Put aside the anger you may feel about the whole situation. Start looking, start living, find the truth. It’s a lot easier to see now. 

I love you and I miss you,