Hi Indra,

Finished unpacking few days ago. We were re-organizing our kitchen when I found the loop projects that you made for me. I still use them, still love them, still miss you every time I use them.  Brings back good memories of you and me from fishing together, going to the Zoo, swim lessons, going to Sweden together, and when we baked cookies together.

I took your brother and sister to the YMCA this past Saturday on my day off, it brought memories of when you were Stef’s age learning how to swim. I wish you could see them, they see your photos around the house. Frank says, Innndrra? It is so cute.

Things that are new in my life, my job is really cool. Maybe you will see me on Youtube or something. I am not going lie my job is AMAZING. Can’t wait to see you again!

I am sorry that your mom had to have it like this. I never wanted this for you, the truth will find you. I hope you are reading this, I know they are, I see the countries that are reading it, thus far Sweden and France are viewing this almost every day.

I hope you are doing great! I assume your grades are great like normal.

I love you and miss you so much!