The challenge of my situation is the PLAIN the fact that I want to be a dad to my daughter Indra, but I was blackmail into taking a side back door deal to get of going to jail over documents, the deal was sweeter by allowing all child support and alimony to be dropped. Which doesn’t happen very often?

The funny thing is that after everything was said and done, the State of NC where my ex-wife filed paperwork with child support enforcement, they ordered my paychecks to be zipped meaning she would have gotten the whole amount every month. However, Paula wanted me out of Indra’s life, I called Indra, and I would get I hate you, I don’t want you as my dad, I replaced you with James.

I never replaced Indra, I still have photos of Indra on my desk, I have Indra in my heart as my daughter that was stolen from me. I have always wanted a relationship with Indra, and I still want a relationship.

It’s funny how things work out….. Indra thinks I am the worst father of the year or even a lifetime, yet I am still writing on this blog hoping she will find the letters to her.  We still openly talk about Indra. As much as it pains me to know that I will never get to see Indra in person unless we are at the same place at the same time…..

I have faith in my friend Karma that she will give me my chance to explain to Indra the truth the way I wanted, I never wanted a phone call, I wanted Indra to meet with me before court, at my lawyer’s office so I could explain to her face to face what the situation was. Expect Paula wouldn’t even allow me to have my one PHONE call without standing there telling Indra that I was lying.

I maintain the facts that I did the side deal because Paula would never let me have full custody and I couldn’t afford to fight and fly back to court every other week, is how it was explained to me. Overall, I still firmly believe that the state does NOT care about the Child’s best interest, there no way the judge believe Paula when she stood there and said, The father, never sent a birthday card, never sent school supplies, never had a bed for Indra. Which I have brought Indra her own bed in 2014, right before Paula served my wife a lawsuit for $50,000… over what else a BLOG.

Yes, that is right she is suing my wife, over a BLOG. Which was served to her as we were walking out the door to pick the last few things for Indra to arrive at my house that Saturday.

In the end, MONEY has the power. I do NOT have the MONEY to fight the fight that Indra needed me to fight. I couldn’t borrow anymore money from my mother since Paula asked her for money for her teeth, her living expenses and my mother took Paula to small claims. Which resulted in Paula getting the case throw out because it was a Divorce issue.Funny that would have held up if my mother was allowed a lawyer!  Which lawyers are not allowed in Small Claims court.

The story has a happy ending. Karma finally gave me something I have been asking for since 2009 among other things I have been asking for.