Hi, readers!

My cyber stalkers are at it again, hating me, making up stories, to poison Indra more.

Anyways, Hi France! Hope you found what you are looking for?

I did.

Love you Indra. Miss you Indra.

There is always a place for Indra in my heart.

The Photo above: this is a photo of Indra at my house in December 2013, when we painted our nails together, she painted my toes like every color that she had. It was so much fun! I am glad she had a chance just to be a kid! (for the record, it was stated in open court that Indra was at my house in December 2012, for visitation, when in fact, she was not.

At the termination of parental rights hearing, the lies just were incredible that day. Wish I was allowed to call my FREE lawyer expect I waived that right so Paula could get what she wanted.  Me gone! So she could do whatever she wants when she wants without calling, emailing, texting me. More a less, no one to answer to for her actions.  Hence why I was never told of the trip to Mexico, that is why I denied the passport application the first time. Take one guess??




The truth is still the same. I wanted to be a dad.

Always wanted to be a dad. Just wasn’t allowed to be a dad.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. -Matthew 6:33

All I have to say is I turn my life around, begin going to church and God has blessed me and my family.