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According to a report written by William Collins, 330 children were culpably killed between 2009 – 2015 (not including suicide). These cases have been subjected to Serious Case Reviews (hereby known as SCR) by the Child Protection Authorities. This in itself is not an issue; we believe all suspicious child deaths should be investigated so the culprit can be brought to justice,  but it needs to be clear that it is not only fathers who perpetuate these crimes. In fact, Williams states that ‘more mothers are responsible for the deaths of children than are fathers and other male partners combined’.

When Women’s Aid released a report called ‘Child First: Nineteen Child Homicides’, we were intrigued. Their mission statement appeared noble at first:

“The national domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid has today launched a major new campaign, Child First. The campaign calls on the family courts and the Government…

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