My mom’s birthday was this past Sunday.

We had a small birthday cake for her; she was telling me about the time we went to the mine in Charlotte with Indra to pan for gold. Then she went on to say, how she wished to have more time with Indra. My mom loved Indra very much but wasn’t able to be in Charlotte a lot with having to take care of my grandfather who was in his 90’s, and her ex-husband he was little annoying, to say the least.

But my mom still wanted to be the best grandma she could be. In the recent years after the divorce. My mom stop sending cards since she would never hear from Indra. Nor did Paula ever have Indra call my mom. Expect Paula called my mom,  in 2013, when Indra was staying with me, to cry to my mom to have Indra put back on a plane to Charlotte. Because my mom didn’t want Indra. Which was a lie?

This lie was told to the Scottsdale Police, to my mom, to Indra. Bottom line, faith has a funny plan for me.

As sit here in my office overlooking the city, I think what a funny joke Krama is playing on me. To get the job, I applied for countless times, Applied to this job in January then for them to call me say, “How soon can you be here?”

I spoke with my wife, spoke with my dear friend, Pam. Pam said, “What does it matter; Paula made a point to cut you out all these years, go be Happy with your family. Everything will fall into place.”

As December gets closer, I can’t help to want to reach out to Indra, send her an email(which I am blocked from). But I don’t think Indra uses that email account, I think Paula has been using it from day one to trap me, as most of the emails Paula sent me, about her needing money, Indra needs to go to the eye doctor, but When I asked to take Indra…. no response? Funny?

Either way, December 2, 2002, is still the best day of my life, when I was able to hold my little girl in my arms, since Paula was recovering after her c-section. Time stood still, nothing matter not even the snow storm, not work, nothing matter in the moment expect Indra. My little pumpkin. Now she’s turning 14, in four days.

I  love Indra with all my heart. I hope she finds this blog and contacts me, that way I able to tell her the truth.