This is my daughter Indra. She is my first born from my first marriage. I love her very much. This is my story. I met my ex-wife off yahoo message. I was over 30mins too late to our first meeting. She spoke about world travels, how she and her family are very wealthy. Her father takes excellent care of her. Fast forward to after her graduation from college. This is after only a few months of knowing her. Her father died unexpectedly. Which at that time her family rushes her and myself to Sweden. I had no idea what was being said since for the most part, everyone speaks Swedish in front of me. She and I went on home back to North Carolina. She told me she is not good at long distance relationships nor I am for that matter. I asked her to marry me. We were married in March of 2001. Which on our marriage license state she was born in Beirut, Lebanon.
Then the best news came in 2002, when she told me we would be expecting our daughter(didn’t know at the time it was a girl until later on.) We began tossing around names. However, I did not get a choice in my daughter’s name or even her middle name nor her last name. It was going be Indra Margot Broms-Thier. On my daughter’s birth records, she stated she was born in Sweden. I asked why she said it just easier. Just easier? I wondered. I wasn’t going to question why.
That was just the beginning of the process of Alienation. More things were to come. Leaving the country without me when Indra was still a baby.
When I had to take a job in another city to improve our family’s life in St. Louis. She stated to our daughter just “us Broms girls.”
I told her to move with me. She refused every month, said its easier.
I met someone towards the end of March in 2011, stated something that I never thought of, Do you think its real? What’s real? Your marriage of course? Why would your wife of almost ten years stay another city for almost two years? While you live her in one bedroom apartment eating peanut butter and jelly most nights. No cable, no plates.
I thought about what this person said. Long and hard. Now came June 12, 2011, The BIG move. I was thrilled to be moving my family to St. Louis. I left a day earlier to spend an extra day with my Pumpkin!
Went to the rental house, it was empty. No one home. I called X phone no answer. She finally answered said I am sorry I was out with a friend. You know it’s the last time I will see them.
Went into the rental nothing was packed. She hadn’t picked up my daughter’s school records yet. (another red flag)
After packing the house, swimming with Indra and everything. We made the journey to STL. We arrived in early am; I arrived first followed by her and Indra in her car. X walked in yelled because nothing was cleaned her way. (another red flag)
walked up stairs check the safe(another red flag) had to find the nearest Starbucks.
A week later, the storm started. As being a chef: I have to work a certain number of hours before I can leave. X laid down the rules of her house how its going to be now on. No more seeing my friends not allowed to out with him after work. She stated your family is here now. (red flag)
My family is here, yet she hasn’t treated me like her husband at all since I can remember. She begins cutting me down in front of everyone, in stores, at home, in front of our child. Nothing was good enough. Nothing was done right. I couldn’t take 2 minutes to myself in the bathroom without her yelling at me about something.
Then I asked her to get a part-time job to support her needs
(Starbucks 4-5times a day, her car payment, her taste to eat out almost every night.)Red flag again.
Week 4. I had enough of being treated rudely in my home. It was her birthday on the 3rd. I forgot a card again. Went to the fireworks in Kirkwood with the family, watching Indra play with the kids, I turn to her told: I can’t do this. I want a divorce.
WW3 Broke out.
I moved her and Indra back to Monroe, paid for everything expect their rental. Paid for her lawyer for the agreed on terms of our divorce. For her turn around serve me with 35 pages of BS.
No visitation with Indra but once a year. She can go anywhere in the world with Indra.
The picture below is the last time I had a real visitation with my daughter without having the cops called on my family, without x calling every hour on the hour. Without GPS tracking which I am sure she had me a long time ago.
Overall I was to see her on April 9, 2016. At the chick fli an in Indian Trail which was a set up to have me arrest for not turning over documents which I turn over everything I had. I was never hiding anything from the court. I just couldn’t afford the child support.
On April 10, 2016. I met with my lawyer. Said something no one has ever said, ITS A SHAM MARRIAGE. I am sorry for you and your child, but that’s the truth. I was given three ideas, went back to my hotel room with my wife, two daughters, son and mother. We chatted. I spoke to few of my friends.
Given the age of my youngest to oldest. I couldn’t put my family in danger of the alternator. I choose to terminate my right as a parent to my daughter Indra on paper. Not because of the outstanding support owed. It was a simple fact; I can not afford to fight anymore the legal fee is too costly, my family with my current wife is too young.
I don’t want the stress of the police at my home every other day because x wants too. I just wanted to tell Indra the truth about everything. However That Monday, April 11, 2016, I called at 7:30ish pm. I stated to Indra what I said. Then X is yelling in the background. I assuming Indra already knew, Indra told me I did if for the debts I owned. I said No. I hired a PI, and I found all the money my x was hiding. Every dime. I figured out how she hid it, The Bitcoins, and used the legal system to use my family and me. Your mom is a Swedish millionaire. Indra then stated that no, were broke. Hear more yelling in the background. I said I love you, Congratulations. I miss you. Find me when you want to know the truth. That was last time I spoke to my daughter on the phone.
The last hug was about 685 days.
The last real phone call without mom yelling in background 2,555 days.
Last time hugged and kissed her and got call her my little pumpkin 2,000days. The truth of the matter I was not allowed to be the proper father to her. I wasn’t allowed to be the father she needed. The father I want to be to her. The truth is I am nothing more than citizenship, green card, and citizenship for X’s mother. I was x out long ago.
Now x can’t use my family an longer. I love Indra; I miss her. She can find me here. I am waiting. I have nothing to hide.
I am a person of parental alienation.
This is why men stay married in unhealthy relationships, as do women. This doesn’t effect just men; it affects woman as well. Along with my story, I have met some amazing people to stop me from making the ending choice. When the day seems harder and longer: I remember those we have lost because of this abuse.