Hi to Circumstances,

Thank you for cyber stalking me, things I write on this blog are for Indra. Not for them to be reported and time stamped by you unless you are giving the information for Indra to find me. Thank you for giving Indra the information in that case, if not skip to the next few sections,

I feel that Indra should know the truth of wrongdoing that was done to me. I stand my words and my heart. I love my wife, I stood beside my wife in her darkest hours who she attempted to kill herself, I stood beside my wife when she kicked my MOTHER out of our house on Pine Cone Lane, I was faithful to my wife until she filed for divorce from me, I wanted to co-parent with my soon to be ex-wife, I wanted to have a relationship with my daughter, I still want a relationship with my daughter.

Durning the divorce process, I learned more about Paula than I did in the almost 12-year relationship with her. I learned in open court that she had no sexual desire for me. The woman who loved me up until when? What did I do? Where is the proof of my so called affair? So when we made Indra, that was faked? I have never felt so hurt, I was doing the right thing by Paula, I was paying support (I have the records to prove it.), I was calling and writing Indra, I send Indra school supplies, birthday cards, letters, did Indra get these?

I called Indra, and asked her, she said,
“yeah, I am keeping them for the judge to see, then I am going to burn them. I am mad at you for what you did?”

What did I do? Divorce her mother? Last time I check Paula filed, Paula went after my pennies, I don’t have money, never was hiding anything, I just was a victim of circumstances.

Left my job in Missouri because my mother was sick in Ohio, plus I had no family in Missouri, no support system, lastly Ohio is 8 hours from Monore making visiting Indra easier.

Move to Phoenix, to better myself, fight for my rights.

My newest move is even better. I couldn’t ask for a better place to live. Just upset, that this job didn’t come through faster when I first applied for it in January of this year.


Paula didn’t want to put effort in saving our marriage, she didn’t want to work, yet kept her job in Union County?

So she could have a backup plan so she could walk back into her life in Union County without me. I drove 14 hours, to find an empty house, no Indra, No Paula, Called Paula on her phone… no answer, While I waited at the Food Loin to find out that my daughter was at friends house and that she was out. Fully, knowing like to surprise them.

Flash forward to present, now it seems to be a WAR on my new family, my children, my new wife, for what reason? Because I saw the truth? I did my own research, I figured out the truth for what it was. It was a plot for a Green Card, Citizenship, avoid paying on Student Loans in Sweden, to keep hiding money and transferring it over without anyone knowing.

Indra will be an adult soon, she does not always believe that her Auntie and Grandma gave her Mommy all the money forever. The truth is it’s Paula’s money, always was, just like there was no income in 2007 until 2010, then 2011 there is income?

Glad that along this journey I have met so many people are willing to help me, who are prepared to look into these things, these lies, everything.

I will keep telling the truth. I will keep telling people if anything happens to be or my family it was only a few people who would kill me to keep their family secrets. The same people who Forged my name on a passport in Sweden and a witness’ name.  Same people who are cyber stalking me, same people who are stalking me period.

Why couldn’t I be asked to sign the passport? I would’ve thought about signing the passport, only because it opens Indra open to being able to study in France for College, among other things. Yet it was forged. Why? I am left handed, the signatures don’t match my passport that was submitted to the police in Sweden along with the government. Why did my name need to forged?  Yet everyone wonders why I am mad?

I am mad because I was cheated out of a relationship with my daughter.

I am mad because I was not given a chance to BE a FATHER.

I am mad because I was cheated out of time with Indra.

I am mad because I am made out to be SPERM DONOR TO my child.

I am mad because I did everything I could to show to Indra that I wanted to be there. And Paula lied. And Lied. And keeps Lying.

I am mad because I loved my wife, I love my daughter.

The truth about alienators, they keep attacking, keep lying, they find a new target which is my new wife. Hence why she is being sued in Missouri.

Why does this need to be a War? I just wanted a relationship with Indra. Does it become a war on my family and me?

Funny thing, I give you what you wanted, me to walk away.

No vistiation. No Calls. No more questions about leaving the country. No more trying to Skype. No more asking for photos. No more me calling the school. No me emailing the teachers everyweek for updates about Indra.

No more me calling densit, the doctors, the lawyers.

Your Welcome,

Heartbroken father.

Thank you,

the truth