on 12/25/2011 or sometime before then I sent this to Indra. She opened it, told me it was not what she wanted. Which my ex-wife told her I would buy her an IPAD, which I never said.

So instead, she called me back fewindranme hours later stated to me it BROKE…

Then Indra called me one of only two times Indra called me, was Christmas Day, she was at Disney World with my ex-wife for Christmas, she was eating Breakfast with the Princesses. And that MOM got me what I wanted an IPAD, no thanks to you.

That sums up my relationship with Indra since the papers were filed by Paula on September 2011.

I really miss Indra. I wish she would know how much I really do miss her. And love her very much!!!

I can’t begin to describe the amount of pain I feel about this whole situation. Its funny, its what Paula wanted me to feel pain and hurt….

I strongly feel that the is only one person to blame for this…..

Others feel that I am to blame, yet I am the one who called, emailed the school time after time; and showed up to meetings with teachers when I was in town, all to prove to Indra that I CARE.

I still care.