Today, was another typical day in my life. Go to work, create Prep Lists for the employees, arrive home, spend time with the kids, make dinner, and now cuddle up with my favorite little people. It’s hard not to remember the moments with Indra.

Laying on the couch watching a movie. The last time we did that, she wanted to watch Camp Rock! Everything was about Camp Rock. Wonder if she knows I still have one of her camp rock pencils, haven’t used it. Just have it…

Anyways here is my favorite part. The true relationship, the love, the adventure of a lifetime. I am living it now.  There is only one thing missing—-Indra.

Guess, Paula got what she wanted, Indra and me to experience the worst greatest pain- Loss of a child. Since Paula made sure Indra was dead to me.


I love you. I am still here waiting for you. I still very proud of you. I saw you at your Christmas event with your JR beta group. 😀  Hope you like it your card, it was in french. I am closer than you will ever know.