Hello all,

Sorry for the delay in writing a lot has been happening. My wife had surgery on Friday which was supposed to be routine turn out being the BIGGEST scared in my life. Drove my wife to the appointment, Doctor stated everything went fine, no major issues, then we arrive home at 1 pm.

I  get her out of the car into our house, then she just passes out on the floor. I began yelling her name, she finally awakes, gets her into the bedroom, calls one of the doctors at the Practice. He tells me that she maybe will having issues coming out of the meds they gave her… I arrive back to check in on her, she is in so much pain, blood everywhere.

Saturday (Early), I calling my mom to get her buns over to my house to watch the babies to take her to the ER. Arrive at the ER, the began asking me all kinds of questions, next thing the Doctors rush in ordering test after, after the test.

Before I know, she is stable and is heading upstairs to a room.

Few times in my life, I have been this scared or worried… this was an eye-opening experience, to say the least.

A thought that I was losing my best friend, soul mate, my love….all in front of me

By Sunday, she was stable, started to eat again, begin walking, now on the road to recovery!

Now on to Monday Frank’s BIG day, his thrid Birthday. Which were celebreating on Thursday due the recent events.

What a weekend.