As I look back on my time with Indra was she really happy being with Paula? All the photos with her by herself look like this? Whereas when she was photographed at my home she had an actually uncontrolled smile.

I just hope Indra is happy with her decision that was made for her by her mother out of hate for me, out pain, out of vain cries of being caught.


Yes, Caught. Caught because I figured everything out from the passport issues, Paula trying to apply for American Passport behind my back without my consent, the money being illegal transferred into the USA, the welfare fraud and the abuse of Indra.

Granted. Indra is taken care of in sense of money, clothes, a nice house, two paid for cars, along with amazing vacations every year.

But can money buy HAPPINESS?

I am happy with my decision that I no longer have to deal with Paula and her lies and games.

I am happy that I have an amazing family that stands with me. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my rock. She was stuck with me through all the false allegations, the verbal abuse, the police calls, the hearings, the long flights & drives, and held me when I needed someone to understand. Without her, I would’ve ended things long before now and let the government pay Paula.

After spending a great of time speaking with the therapist about all of this! I found that I am worth more than just slaving for a paycheck. I am father, of four children. I have a purpose, I am of a value, I am loved, I am a person. No matter the amount of rocks thrown at me, I matter, Paula thought she took everything.

But did she?

I am stronger than ever because of everything the last 15 years has given me. I am a new person. I am still me, but I am better now.

My children come first before any work now. They even come to work with me now, to meet the players, and see events. I never felt better being able to home for dinner almost every night except game days.

Indra if you’re reading this. I am here. I am waiting for you. You have a place with your other family.

YOU ARE LOVED. You are still my Daugther.