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If you are facing a battle with your child’s other parent, a government agency, or any other entity who would keep your child from you, it is critical that you get input from people who have had experience with this.

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signparentalalienationI actually didn’t call when I needed the help in 2011. I should’ve called in 2012; when the signs became noticeable. I couldn’t afford the fees. I couldn’t afford to save my daughter from her mother.  At least I thought. Until Pamela was able to show me the light at the end of tunnel. The plan filed 33  charges against my ex-wife, for missed flights, missed visitation,  not properly fixing Indra’s tooth, not taking Indra to the dentist twice  a year; taking Indra to Denmark (which is not a part of the custody order) and for lying about everything.

In the end, Paula wanted me to take a deal so she didn’t have to answer for her wrongs. Thus having me pay for her bad doings, which is fine. Let her think she won. Pamela was able to let me see that I am worth more, my family is worth more and Indra will find the truth out. It is only a matter of time.

In Indra’s eyes, I am the deadbeat father, who didn’t pay support, who didn’t call her, who didn’t pick her up for visitation, who left her mother for another woman, and a sperm donor. Which the truth is: I couldn’t afford to pay my support orders. I have little babies who needed to eat. I know all along that Paula was brought money in from overseas, using welfare to get ahead. A while telling the Judge that her sister handles everything, expect I sat there and knew the truth.

The truth that she took Indra to Mexico, Demark, Sweden and Disneyworld. Expect I couldn’t enjoy two weeks with my daughter without Paula calling the police, creating false allegations to further her agenda to get rid of me. All the while I was speaking to Untied States State Department, Sweden Embassy, Demark’s Embassy, and law enforcement in Monroe. Which all of them told, why?

Why? Because I would do anything for Indra. Indra asked me to walk away countless times since the beginning. I didn’t want to walk away unless I was gaining something greater.

I have gained more than I ever thought possible. Call Pamela: she can help you no matter where you are in the country.

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