Are you in the process of fighting the other to get your child(ren) back?

I want you to know you are not alone. There is hope. 

Keeping fighting. I played the lotto because I felt like I had better chances of winning that than seeing Indra. I did win, like a buck! ūüėÄ

No one truly understands until they are in our shoes, fighting day in and day out.

Not knowing when the last phone call is going to be, if this is last time your going hear,”I indrahandschristmas13love
you, dad… I¬†have the greatest Christmas gift ever, still hanging on my wall next to my father’s day gift.

This gift is nothing money could buy me, it’s Indra’s hand prints, in her handwriting, “Indra’s hands Merry Christmas dad Love Indra.”

To most this seems like nothing. Well for me it’s the best I am going to get. Until Indra reaches out to me or until that day I get to watch¬†Indra graduate from High School.

Now, my wife and I are searching for our new to us home. My third home, this time it’s different without my pumpkin¬†running in the door. ¬†Although I get to hear, my three other children run in and out of the door to play in the back yard.

Seem on fitting that my third home be somewhere, “Too Close to Home”

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.‚ÄĚ Dr. Seuss

Home is where the heart is.

“Home is where the dirt road ends and forever begins.” Alienated Dad