This happens more than people want to realize. Here is a link to the current stats TRAVEL

Recently we were traveling as a family; the TSA person asked my daughter who she was, asked who her brother and sister were. Then the TSA person asked who my wife was to the children. Meanwhile, my son is yelling, MOM, MOM. The TSA person still carried on asking these questions. Why aren’t these questions asked by the airlines when a mother or father is stealing the child?

It was noted on Indra’s plane ticket of the times she missed the plane that her mother told the airline I had issues and that Indra had issues with seeing me. Not even a few weeks later Indra was on a plane to Washington DC then to Demark then to a train to Sweden…. Yet Indra didn’t have an issue flying then? Funny?

I find this to be more true, as I listen to more people’s stories. As I read more stories. At the end of a day, we need to help our fellow men and women.