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Are you Ready to FIGHT?

You have to want to FIGHT.

Know your case! I knew my situation from inside and out.
Have proof. I kept everything, I had calendars with everything from phone calls with Paula to Indra. Put everything related to my case into these Calendars from meetings with teachers, lawyers, court dates, missed visitation, when Paula took Indra to the doctor, dentist, anything and everything related to my daughter were in there!

Printed out everything. (have at least three copies of everything) I still have pdf files of skype records, tax returns, passports, Airline Tickets, Airline letters, the transcripts of my case. Thought it would come in handy for my novel.

You have to want to WIN. Or at least know what kind of win you want. I didn’t win Indra in the end, But I gain so much more. Indra is still a child but when she is an adult at least she can better understand what happen.

Cost is never a problem. Everyone is willing to work with you.

Not in Charlotte? Not a problem, nationwide connections. Worldwide connections as well.

What are you waiting for send an email to Pam tonight! Take back control of your situation!


See you all at the Expo!