Feels like this year… is flying by as did the last year and all the years before. It’s funny as we are children we are always fighting so hard to become BIG. Until after college, I never realized how fast life does take me by.

My oldest is going into high school this year, my youngest is being born in the same month as my oldest is turning 15 years old. Beginning to drive! Which in NC it’s legal for a 14.5-year-old to learn how to drive. Saw this on the school website. Just another milestone is stolen by her alienater.

As these milestones add up that were stolen or are being stolen. Makes me happy to know I have the chance to start fresh with my four other children to experience everything. My seven-year-old is learning how to ride a bike! My three year old is potty training oh what fun :). My two-year-old is well a two year old!! And my fourth one is well just growing.  I couldn’t be happy to be their father, dad, daddy, papa, père, and far.

Now as I face my lawsuit for this blog. I find this to be too funny. I write this blog to express my disappointment with the court system at least family court. That failed Indra and I of our father-daughter relationship. I have to put my hard earn money up for a jury of people in St. Louis County to understand why I write this blog.

I assuming the TRUTH will set me FREE. As it did the last time… Sometimes the TRUTH is too much for most. At least those who lied. LIED> LIED> LIED. Oh, and LIED to my face, the judges face, lawyers faces, friends faces, Swedish Police, Bankruptcy Court Trustee, and I assume much more now… to get me to LOSE everything.

But what is EVERYTHING? I am perfectly happy with what my everything is… which can never be taken nor stolen from.



Good Luck this weekend! I love you so much! I miss you!