Ok so on may 11th 2017, my wife and I were in court for a restraining order that my ex had filed. There was a copy sent to the school in fear that I am going to do something. My wife’s was plain and boring, mine had domestic violence and she said I showed up at her house on April 29th at 9:09pm.

Well my lawyer and I went in to the court room we sat there a little bit listed to some people who were definitely in need of help and not filing false reports. So we go up and my lawyer objects to everything and the judge doesn’t  like it and lets her ramble on about my first amendment rights and how I am stalking them and how they fear for their safety and their lives. Finally the judge asks us to step down so he can hear a few more cases. Again there are people who are crying and being threatened and are in real fear for their lives. Its heart breaking what some people have to go through in life, then there’s my ex that makes up stories.

Well we are now called back to the stand and my lawyer once again objects to weak evidence. Finally she says in open court he came to my house at 9:09 pm on April 29th. Then stated it again and how afraid she was, but she offered no police report, no witnesses, no pictures, no nothing other that my truthful blog she wants taken down. Finally the judge has enough and my lawyer tilts a paper toward her and asks if it would be funny if my client and his wife were at a concert that night. So of course we had proof of being at the Poison concert along with photos, facebook posts and texts to the sitter and the couple we went with on this fine night!

SO my lawyer asks for a motion to dismiss which we got without hesitation not before he asks, you never had contact with my client…she said no, has he ever contacted you….she says no, so there has been no contact and you found his blog, and keep reading the posts so that would make you the perpetrator, wouldn’t it? If there has been no contact and you found his blog?

Then the icing on the cake was when she said, I object, I need this for evidence in my case in Missouri……

I just smiled walked out of the court room with my wife, smiled some more, and thought can’t wait to take this to Missouri how it got dismissed and how she lied to the judge just to try to get some evidence on me.

Once again I will only post the truth, I have done my homework, I know that opinions won’t stand up in court but proof will!

SO to all the lawyers in Missouri that are fighting for her thank you for taking her money, I hope you have a nice payday. I know the law and what can and can’t be told and as long as I say the truth I will be fine. I hope she is being honest with you otherwise it will be embarrassing for you and your client.