I have some fun stuff to post but need time to time to get it ready for posting. I went to the county court house and got the audio cd of the restraining order. I downloaded the software and listened to it. It’s great as I listen to it, she says how I was at her house on April 29 at 9:09pm. My lawyer asked 2 times and she repeats herself. Then she finds out about the concert tickets and we were at the Poison concert.  So I decided to add the facebook tags, baby sitter texts, and the guy that got me row 5 tickets of when we got there with our friends.

To top it off she then states that she never contacted me and I never contacted her, why would she I am her Ex. Well that’s even funnier is that if I never contacted her and she never contacted me how could I be at her house?

Give me a week or less, hopefully I can get the audio to post, I need to rerecord it then you be the judge. I especially like when she says but I need this for my other case….Dismissed!