Seems like forever since I have been on, thinking of my daughter and how she is missing her brothers and sisters. What would it be like if she met them and and if they would help her see what she has  been missing and how she has been lied too.

Well I have been busy and with out my computer, had a back issues and went to a neurologist and going back this Monday hopefully some good news! I still have pain in and numbness in my left arm and tingling in my fingers. Hope to have answers after physical therapy and other tests.

Biggest news is that we went to another doctor and we are expecting another boy in December, so it 2 and 2 in our house hold! We are so excited for our little miracle. We can’t wait to meet him, is he going to be blond hair and blue eyes like the rest or will he be like his sisters with reddish hair then 3 other colors depending on the lighting. Only time will tell.