Who am I?

I am the father who not good enough.

I am the father that was thrown out because I couldn’t afford child support.

I am the father that had a warrant for his arrest because of documents.

I am the father who took my daughter fishing on a boat.

I am the father who went to Sweden with my daughter when she was 2.

I am the father who was called a Sperm Donor, deadbeat and selfish.

I am the father who had his toenails painted with his daughter on Christmas in 2013. Because it was FUN.

I am the father who wrote emails to his daughter’s school almost every week to receive updates since 2011 until April 11, 2016, when I had to write to those teachers and explain what had happened and why.

I am the father who emailed and called doctors and the dentist. To understand why his ex-wife would tell him that she does not have ADD or ADHD yet was willing to say it in a meeting with the school at a 504 plan meeting. Yet stated to me in the email, “there is nothing wrong.”

I am the father who emailed the Superintendent of the school district where his daughter goes to school just to see if I was able to go to lunch with her.

Which was blocked since 2011 per my ex-wife?

This father was blocked from calling medical personal about his daughter’s well-being.

This father hasn’t had a hug from his daughter since December 26, 2013.

This father was blocked from speaking with his daughter in a place without mother telling her what to say.

Yes! This father explains why to every teacher at his daughter’s schools since 2011.

This father had  meetings with his daughter’s teachers every year since 2009. Yes. 2009 I use to call while working as a Chef in St. Louis just to check on her. Guess you didn’t know that!

This father paid for school supplies in  2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014/2015(emailed ex-wife no answer refused to send me sizes and items). What happen to them? They were shipped(2011/2012/2013) and deliver per United States Postal Service.

This father called every day to talk to voicemail or get told per my ex-wife she mad at you, doesn’t want to talk to you, she hates you, she doesn’t have to talk to you.

Then this father called about once a week, to get the voicemail, per ex-wife she can’t talk to you she’s sleeping, she’s at a friends, she not coming home tonight : try again later, I am shopping she’s at home alone, talking to you makes her sick, talking to you makes her get headaches, talking to you makes her tummy hurt.

Then this father called about once a month to hear this, She doesn’t want to talk to you, her NAME BEING YELLED IN MY EAR, I hate you, Your selfish, You aren’t my father, I replaced you with J______. I hate you, I hope you die, I am not coming to see you, You don’t listen to me, You don’t understand, I hate you for what you did, I am mad at you, I hate those monsters(being my three little children which she has never met two of three), It’s no fun. I want to go camping, not your house, I told you I am not coming.



It’s April 9th, my plane landed in Charlotte, NC. Checked into my hotel. Got online check Union County website to see my name _________. Warrant for arrest.

Ex-wife, I’ll meet you at noon at Chick fli a…. Oh, I’ll do whatever.

I call her back. I can’t make it today.

Her Oh why not,

Me. I’ll be free on Tuesday.

Skip to April 11, 2016

Sign 5 documents which did not allow me to ever see or talk to my daughter until she is 18.

But I was allowed my final phone call to tell her, “I love you!”

Yet, in court, my ex-wife turn it into a victim show yet again. And lied. And Lied.

The only thing I can say that was true, was my name, our marriage date, my daughters name, the statement was made, “I thought you would be happy, you told me this is what you wanted.

yet in court,

It was used to make me look bad among other things.

In the end,

I am always here for you,

I am always your father,

you dropped me,

but I have not lost faith in the truth,

You always have a place in my heart,

a father’s love does not stop when the ink is dry from the blackmail of a rich person

The war was waged, this father could not afford to fight the war anymore,

the other person is a Swedish millionaire, I am just a chef: with no savings, no credit cards left, and LOVE in his heart for you.

Every time you put your letter jacket on, how did you get it?

When the salary of TA can’t afford a new house, two cars paid in full, to have hundred thousand dollar prints on the wall (signed), go to Disney world during Christmas, pay a rental house ($1000 a month), Ipad, iPhones, Sweden vacation for a month where my 9name was forged for the passport for you.)

This father has always wanted to be your dad.

This father just wanted a divorce from his wife

Not a divorce from his daughter.

Search for the truth.

I am the father who is always thinking of you.

I still have our photos hanging on my wall.

I have four children’s photos all my wall of when time stood still.

I am the father who wanted nothing more than to have one more hug, and I love you too, daddy.

I am the father that save all the voicemails from when you were little.

I am the father you use to cuddle with.

I am the father who took you shopping for your Halloween custom.

I am the father did everything he could to give you the best life you could have.

I am the father that fell short of this because of circumstances not lack of trying.

I am the father that learn how to play minecraft so that when you came back in April we could play together.

I am the father that came into Charlotte three to two days early just to spend time with you.

I am the father that sent you cards, letters, boxes, makeup(just to get an email that you’re not allowed to have to make up yet 🙂

I am the father that is still cheering you on from the parking lot since I am not allowed on the sidelines anymore.

I am Indra’s Dad. And this is my story.

The happiest moment of my life was probably when my daughter was born.—David Duchovny

I have to agree with Mr. Duchovny December 2, 2002, is one of the best days of my life among June 24, 2015, January 23, 2014, and September 19, 2015.

You will always be my little pumpkin.

I love you forever.