Alienated Dad: Based on a True Story

I was not allowed to be the proper father to her. I wasn't allowed to be the father she needed. The father, I want to be to her. I just want to be a dad to my daughter. This is my story of the events that took place that Alienated me from my daughter.



I am a father of five children, one was alienated from me resulting in her hating me. Hating me? Her father? Yes, this happens every day all across the world. Women and men take their children, turn them against the other parent. I was given my last phone call with Indra on April 11, 2016, which was also ruined because her mother kept yelling at me. While I was trying to tell Indra the truth. I create these blogs for Indra to find, so she can find the truth. That I wanted to be a dad to her. I am here waiting for her.


Why doesn’t ever seem like there isn’t enough time. Seems like forever since I have been on here! Things are going good, looking forward to our new business in real estate and all the wonderful people we have met on the journey.

It’s amazing that my oldest daughter will be 17 this year, I was there for the first 8 years until she was alienated from me. Even with all those memories I still don’t hear from her 😦 but there is still hope one day she will pick up the phone and call or send a message. I have files and folders of the truth waiting for her when she is ready as well as scores of emails that have been saved. When ever I am here waiting for you not going to go anytime soon.

Also just joined a fathers group on facebook and hearing some of the things that are going on by mothers, and yes even fathers, how they do things out of spite and use the kids. I can’t wait till one day judges and lawyers do what is in the best interest of the child and these alienation games become a frowned apon chargable offence. But with the billions of dollars that are made from divorce and court we would have to get rid of the greedy judges who are bias and these lawyers who just want money. So sad what is the root of the problem. I wish I hired my last lawyer first.

Anyway as the time goes by at least I have 4 other little humans, ok 3 that are all about dad, the other is soon 10 so it’s a different set of rules. But still funny how mom says she carried them for 10 months takes care of them while I am at work and still DADDA!

Back to time, just enjoy what you do have and remember document everything done to you it will help in the end. (unless your getting sued for something stupid)

Which funny thing is we are about 6-7 weeks out from that trial, still waiting on the new judge and confirmation. We are so looking forward to this to get closure. And hopefully see my daughter if she comes up again to Missouri. Only time will tell!



What are your goals? What do you want or need in life? My goal is to learn to do real estate with my community. Bring in anyone who want to join and be a part of a great team. We are posted on facebook and can be followed.

Our goal is worry free living, and not worring about debt if something happens. Its great to have so many friends to show us the way. My goal is to be debt free and have business income!

The next goal is getting my daughter to talk and visit me! I just want the to know that she is still loved and missed!



It is truly amazing how fast these kids grow up! I was looking at some pictures from the past which didn’t seem that long ago but wow how my kids have changed. How their personalities have come out. From the the little one who isn’t so little anymore to the 9 year old, oh how they have grown.

Funny how I wish they would get older and now its, stop growing up so fast. At least I am the favorite when I am home. Make me feel like a million bucks!

As for memories go I also wanted to mention that there are a lot of posts here that seem unreal and wow is that true, did it happen. And yes it all did, remember these are not one sided stories they are part of my past with evidence behind it. Please for all those who have asked for information, tell the truth and document, document, document!

I have had a lot of advice through my divorce lawyers and the main one is Pam, who had dealt with parential alienation for over 30 years. The best thing is I still talk to her today, helping her out and as she helps us out!

The universe works in mysterious ways, but remember the truth will always prevail, write everything down, it can be brought to court, best idea is the calendar that has space to write what is happening. Save every email, and document that can work for you, rememer too much information is better than not enough!

One last thing is thanks for the birthday wishes, staying strong and determined to fight!



happy birthday to me

Another year another day gone by without a card from my daughter. I still love and miss her wish i could hear from her. Got homemade cards from the kids and wife is in the hospital with unknown pain. Hope to hear something soon!

last weekend wins!

So last weekend we were in St Louis for court and it got rescheduled so here are a few wins we had while we were there! My beautiful wife, at the Cards game with me, at the arch, our upgraded car! I have some of the hotel room over looking the arch! Again a wonderful weekend full of wins!

The Universe

Just wanted to say thinks for all the thoughts and prayers that were given! We went to court and the judge is retiring in 2 months and decided not to hear the case due to she couldn’t fulfill her duty. We are not mad or upset we are actually very pleased, since now we will have a 2 day trial in July.

We feel thats it’s a win for us this weekend because, our flight was delayed then diverted. No big deal want to be safe, and then received a voucher for our next flight! Went to pick up our can and got a sweet dodge Challanger for the same price as the one we had reserved! And number 3 win was we booked our hotel  got in late and was given a suite with living room, kitchen and bedroom, and a amazing view of the Arch! I will post pictures of our win later but wanted to share.


Again thanks to all who prayed and the universe for making it happen! Lets keep winning.


thoughts and prayers!

Finally the day has come time to go to court we are asking for thoughts and prayers and for the truth to prevail! Thanks to all who are listening and reading my posts!



knee and back issues

Well I guess I am officially getting old, my leg and my back are in constant pain, went to the doctor got some steroids and some muscle relaxers, not strong ones though. I have been on them a week but have worked 12 and 14 hour days and walking 8 to 15 miles a day. Guess i should take some time off and relax. Gonna call back monday and see if I can’t get a stronger prescription or go to a spine doctor! I did that when I was in NC and my arm was numb for 3 months, and one injection and a little pain took it all away.

I wonder if it works for the lower back and leg, but anyway need to keep going to provide for my 4 kids and my beautiful wife. The nice thing is she is younger so she can take care of me as I fall apart!.

Thanks for listening because it hurts so bad I can’t get comfortable, no matter what I do!

my life

Might as well share life happenings, basically my main goal was to lose 40# and never thought it would happen. As of January 1st I weighted 242# and was unhappy with all the extra weight but couldn’t get it off.

So I started keto and currently I am at 211# and continuing to lose, ne blood pressure went down and feel so much better. I can’t wait to get another 10 #’s off, not quite the summer body but hey I definately look better than I ever have! I wonder how long it would take me to get to the 180 mark.

The only thing I would change now is nothing, I have 5 beautiful kids, even though one doesn’t belive that, always hoping to get that call. Still I can’t wait for the future to see what it brings. I know we are working hard, and it will pay off in the end. The truth will always come out no matter how good it is hidden and then to all the haters….hatersSo then I found this and thought how appropiate this was and how true. Guess it hard for someone to be happy and to see other people happy when they are so bitter. Just want everyone to know how much I love my wife and kids and how hard we work to be good parents.

Just my thought for today!

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