Alienated Dad: Based on a True Story

I was not allowed to be the proper father to her. I wasn't allowed to be the father she needed. The father, I want to be to her. I just want to be a dad to my daughter. This is my story of the events that took place that Alienated me from my daughter.

A lot is Happening

Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a CRAZY week, Stephaine just turned one on Monday!

Moving day is approaching  quickly, the next destination is going be AMAZING! I have so blessed to have been offered an opportunity of a lifetime.  I will have more details when I am more settled into my position.

In other news, we were able to reach out to few homeless persons this past week, in our joint effort to assist the homeless persons in our area. My wife and I help a man, who fell off his bike, hit his head, cut his arm. We were able to call 911, get him some much-needed help. I love being able to help those in need, it such an amazing feeling knowing someone was saved because of something so little as a bottle of water.


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Panda love

I found this online thought it was so cute! Then I thought of my Indra and her love for Pandas.


Panda love

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thank you and re-post!

I wanted to say thanks for the thoughts and re-posts that have been done! Thank you for spreading the word and the truth and keep re-posting my story so everyone can read what I have been through. I hope in the end my daughter will see the truth and not the money that is flashed before her! It kills me knowing that she is so close and there is nothing I can do, except tell her i love and miss her and I will be here when she comes looking for the truth!

I can prove what I have said, CAN YOU?

What Is a Protected Opinion?

If the defendant can prove the statement he or she made was true, the defamation lawsuit ends there. People cannot be punished for speaking the truth, no matter how ugly it may be. Truth is always a defense to a claim of defamation.

Court…slapped with restraining order…..a must read

Ok so on may 11th 2017, my wife and I were in court for a restraining order that my ex had filed. There was a copy sent to the school in fear that I am going to do something. My wife’s was plain and boring, mine had domestic violence and she said I showed up at her house on April 29th at 9:09pm.

Well my lawyer and I went in to the court room we sat there a little bit listed to some people who were definitely in need of help and not filing false reports. So we go up and my lawyer objects to everything and the judge doesn’t  like it and lets her ramble on about my first amendment rights and how I am stalking them and how they fear for their safety and their lives. Finally the judge asks us to step down so he can hear a few more cases. Again there are people who are crying and being threatened and are in real fear for their lives. Its heart breaking what some people have to go through in life, then there’s my ex that makes up stories.

Well we are now called back to the stand and my lawyer once again objects to weak evidence. Finally she says in open court he came to my house at 9:09 pm on April 29th. Then stated it again and how afraid she was, but she offered no police report, no witnesses, no pictures, no nothing other that my truthful blog she wants taken down. Finally the judge has enough and my lawyer tilts a paper toward her and asks if it would be funny if my client and his wife were at a concert that night. So of course we had proof of being at the Poison concert along with photos, facebook posts and texts to the sitter and the couple we went with on this fine night!

SO my lawyer asks for a motion to dismiss which we got without hesitation not before he asks, you never had contact with my client…she said no, has he ever contacted you….she says no, so there has been no contact and you found his blog, and keep reading the posts so that would make you the perpetrator, wouldn’t it? If there has been no contact and you found his blog?

Then the icing on the cake was when she said, I object, I need this for evidence in my case in Missouri……

I just smiled walked out of the court room with my wife, smiled some more, and thought can’t wait to take this to Missouri how it got dismissed and how she lied to the judge just to try to get some evidence on me.

Once again I will only post the truth, I have done my homework, I know that opinions won’t stand up in court but proof will!

SO to all the lawyers in Missouri that are fighting for her thank you for taking her money, I hope you have a nice payday. I know the law and what can and can’t be told and as long as I say the truth I will be fine. I hope she is being honest with you otherwise it will be embarrassing for you and your client.

Erasing Family. org

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a fundraising event for a documentary currently being filmed about “parental alienation” called Erasing Family. At this event, the movie’s director showed rough cuts of some of their filming to date, stories told by targeted parents and by their now reunited children. Most powerful were the […]

via Erasing Family — Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based “Parental Alienation” (AB-PA)

Living with the alienator

I work with social workers a lot. I also work with CAFCASS (GAL’s for our stateside readers) and I teach and train psychotherapists, psychologists and others in the psychological helping therapies about how to work with alienated children and their families. Most of the people I work with are aware of parental alienation and […]

via Living With The Alienator: Parental Alienation as Coercive Control in Five Easy To Understand Steps — Karen Woodall

One Year Later.

Today is the day that my life was changed forever. Everything was finalized. I still love and miss _________.



Happy Birthday!

Yes, it is that time of year again. Another birthday for myself! My son and daughters help bake me, a blue cake and of course topped with blue frosting! I know! I am spoiled.

The kids were able to get me something, well, of course, something, I always need, TP!! That or my wife knows that it would make me laugh! 😀


On the flip side, it’s another birthday without Indra. My birthday is actually is tomorrow, guess it just another stolen moment with Indra. That I could, have, yet, that is not my LIFE.

My life is divorced my ex, and she lies to Indra about me and my family.

Never Ends Court Again continued more thoughts

So apparently: I was added to my ex’s lawsuit in Missouri where she is going after my new wife for telling the truth.  I guess I hit a nerve with my accounts of reality, which can and will be backed up. You can’t make up the stuff I say, that would be liable. Instead, I post the truth about an alienated dad, So, in writing the truth and expressing my first amendment rights which will be heard in Missouri courts, The thing that fascinates me is my ex-walked away from 170 thousand dollars in child support and alimony! That’s a lot to give up if you are telling the truth,

What I think if funny is that we signed a release including lawyers and the judge saying that “the plaintiff/mother specifically waives any and all claims to past and future support of any kind and of whatever nature of the defendant/father.”

Now how does that fit into a lawsuit going after money from my wife and I. Well I guess she didn’t tell the truth there either. I hear the words contempt charges in the near future…. Or do I wait and bring it to Missouri and let the judge read it?

I know what she wants is the private eye report, which I don’t have a copy and the police report from Sweden with the forged passport. It’s easy to get a copy of that all she needs to do is call her local police department and ask for a copy, same thing with the non-existent birth certificate.

According to my parental alienation specialist, this is what a  nar·cis·sis·tic  person does, plays the victim. They never stop trying to make the other person fall off giving up, but I am here to share my story not to hurt anyone. I don’t have money but I have my family. The funny thing is she has wasted tens of thousands of dollars between the divorce lawyers and this Missouri lawsuit which I find so sad.

Here is why!

That money could have helped us when we were in need and I was jobless, rather than me going to my mom or cashing in all I own/stocks meanwhile still losing my/our house.

Back to the lawsuit, I received an online update that’s how I know about it and will welcome it with my expert witnesses. I now have started going through all my divorce papers to collect the bombshell I need to WIN. All we need to do is get doubt if we intentionally tried to hurt her and the answer is no, I am voicing my first amendment rights and posting only the truth that can be backed up by either court document or things she has done.

You be the judge with 33 contempt charges that we served her with, for her to walk away. And then try to come at me again, this is why it never ends and never will with her. If she told the truth and never came after me the way she did, things might be different. If she let me see my daughter and didn’t poison her and alienate her from me, but she took it way to far.

In the end, I just wish she would admit to the truth, drop the lawsuit and leave us alone. What will be gained as I make next to nothing, with 3 kids(soon to be four) and a wife that doesn’t even work and will have a ton of school loans? Enough is enough let it be, let us move on with my life, again we are not a rich. (that’s right YOU (&them) are)  We live paycheck to paycheck, but it’s my family! Along with getting a good amount of time off: To spend with the kids.

Money doesn’t make you happy unless you give up 170k in child support and alimony because you lied and your mom and sister are pissed at you! Just to get RID of me out of INDRA’S LIFE….

Thanks for listening and reading my rant, again I have only told the truth and exercised my first amendment rights “freedom of speech” I want everyone to know what she has done to me and my daughter.

My last thought is “you can’t bleed a stone” some great words of advice, since we have to pay our lawyers, school loans, and have 3 kids to support……But hey life is what you make it and when the Karma Train comes down the track what side are you going to be on? All I can think is my grandmother in law says

All I can think is my grandmother-in-law says “we good people” since she too had to experience this with her second husband. His ex-wife did the same thing that Paula did to me to Frank. Frank’s kids learn when they were older the truth from their step-sister and half-sisters the TRUTH.  Thank GOD, we know what side we are on and that he helps us when we need it, we know we are going to heaven and there is a special place for people like her!

God Bless and Good Night!

Easter.. came and left.. Slapped with law suit! :)

Feels like this year… is flying by as did the last year and all the years before. It’s funny as we are children we are always fighting so hard to become BIG. Until after college, I never realized how fast life does take me by.

My oldest is going into high school this year, my youngest is being born in the same month as my oldest is turning 15 years old. Beginning to drive! Which in NC it’s legal for a 14.5-year-old to learn how to drive. Saw this on the school website. Just another milestone is stolen by her alienater.

As these milestones add up that were stolen or are being stolen. Makes me happy to know I have the chance to start fresh with my four other children to experience everything. My seven-year-old is learning how to ride a bike! My three year old is potty training oh what fun :). My two-year-old is well a two year old!! And my fourth one is well just growing.  I couldn’t be happy to be their father, dad, daddy, papa, père, and far.

Now as I face my lawsuit for this blog. I find this to be too funny. I write this blog to express my disappointment with the court system at least family court. That failed Indra and I of our father-daughter relationship. I have to put my hard earn money up for a jury of people in St. Louis County to understand why I write this blog.

I assuming the TRUTH will set me FREE. As it did the last time… Sometimes the TRUTH is too much for most. At least those who lied. LIED> LIED> LIED. Oh, and LIED to my face, the judges face, lawyers faces, friends faces, Swedish Police, Bankruptcy Court Trustee, and I assume much more now… to get me to LOSE everything.

But what is EVERYTHING? I am perfectly happy with what my everything is… which can never be taken nor stolen from.



Good Luck this weekend! I love you so much! I miss you!



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