Alienated Dad: Based on a True Story

I was not allowed to be the proper father to her. I wasn't allowed to be the father she needed. The father, I want to be to her. I just want to be a dad to my daughter. This is my story of the events that took place that Alienated me from my daughter.

A lot is Happening

Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a CRAZY week, Stephaine just turned one on Monday!

Moving day is approaching  quickly, the next destination is going be AMAZING! I have so blessed to have been offered an opportunity of a lifetime.  I will have more details when I am more settled into my position.

In other news, we were able to reach out to few homeless persons this past week, in our joint effort to assist the homeless persons in our area. My wife and I help a man, who fell off his bike, hit his head, cut his arm. We were able to call 911, get him some much-needed help. I love being able to help those in need, it such an amazing feeling knowing someone was saved because of something so little as a bottle of water.


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Panda love

I found this online thought it was so cute! Then I thought of my Indra and her love for Pandas.


Panda love

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A post from Fathers rights’ post


just fitting!


how I feel at times

How people make me feel at times, I know I am not perfect! But I am honest!!



have you ever lied on a federal form?

Alienated Dad: Based on a True Story

Here is another public record I chose to post. Look at mothers birth place as stated on a official document here in North Carolina.

birthcert public record

Notice mothers birth place per a official document from the Swedish Population Registry.

public record sweden

Finally my daughters passport where it was forged, sent from Sweden, who loves to share information, and since I still had parental rights to get these documents.

Also last time I spoke with Indra she said she didn’t have a Swedish Passport, and knew nothing about it. Yet she signed it?

passport photo

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audio and video of out court for falsified restraining order, Enjoy

my opinion!

Don’t like to give opinions but I figured out why not! But lets start with the facts. Never been rich, and never really went on vacation. I did go to Sweden for my daughters Christening and to England with my mom on her honeymoon. Then the one time I went to Toronto, and then my marriage cruise.

Every place I have gone, I have had to watch every penny I spent and cringed every time I spent money. So with that fact out of the way, I would like, in my opinion, thank my ex wife for hiring all these lawyers, and filing all the things she does. I feel honored that now that we are divorced she spends her “millions” on me and my new wife!

I wonder what would have happened if she was honest, and actually spent some of the money she is spending on lawyers, she spent to save our marriage. In divorce court she said she spent upwards of 30k compared to my $2500 at the time. Now there is all the filings in Missouri and now NC. By the time it goes to trial she will be breaking even.

On another subject I was at work today talking to my new supervisor, I told him about the new baby and he really thought I was 35 no more that 40. He was shocked when I said I was 46 and had another kid on the way. He is 48 and grown kids, then he found out how old my wife was…..under 30 and his jaw hit the floor! Just made me feel good about my looks and where I am in life! (True Story)

Life is good!

Waiting on courts here and in Missouri, got the truth behind me and looking forward to the future. Baby boy will is doing good and is baking for another few weeks! Wondering if he will have blond or brown hair and if he has blue eyes.

Work has been busy, saw all the players and Michael Jordan in our club, one highlight of my long days. All I know is the event was perfect and everyone was happy and the food was awesome. I work with a talented crew who have done awesome things! It was a small party of 600 vips,…

Today is a recovery day from a super long week, but it’s only going to get better and easier as we go along. Got to spend the whole day with my wife and kids. We watched a few movies went shopping and cleaned house! Just wish it  was a different movie, getting tired of The Grinch and Sing. Its all good though since they wanted cuddles!

Well time to do my homework, get the little one in bed, she is hanging out rubbing my feet and drinking her milk. She is so sweet and cute.

Looking to add more content here soon, guess I will have to take my computer to work and add when I have a chance. And for all my followers I will be re-posting a bunch of material and some new to get my story out there and heard. Please help and repost the truth with me, and tell your family and friends about me and our story. Remember the more its out there the more lawyers and judges have to pay attention. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, this one will keep grinding until I am heard! And as long as its the truth its legal no matter how ugly it is at any point.

Thanks and God Bless the truth will be known!


For once there is nothing new to report! Still getting sued for posting the truth, can’t wait to bring in the recording of her lying in court! The tax returns where she doesn’t claim her assets of being a Millionaire.

Health-wise doing good as I can, money wise well nothing has changed still living paycheck to paycheck. So there is a lot to be thankful for, like my son being born in December, so far all is good, seems happy and healthy while living in mom!

Still looking forward to our Missouri case, hopefully the judge will like what I have to show her, maybe she will open more investigations with taxes, social security etc. But as of right now everything is being held up in bankruptcy. We are still waiting if it was in or out, like I told my wife it doesn’t matter. With a forged passport, tax fraud, and using 3 social security numbers, I feel like I don’t need to worry.

Anyway, been busy with work sorry for not being back as much, but when covering everyone’s vacation its long days and 3 kids at night! Will be back soon, hopefully with more time!




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