Alienated Dad: Based on a True Story

I was not allowed to be the proper father to her. I wasn't allowed to be the father she needed. The father, I want to be to her. I just want to be a dad to my daughter. This is my story of the events that took place that Alienated me from my daughter.

A lot is Happening

Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a CRAZY week, Stephaine just turned one on Monday!

Moving day is approaching  quickly, the next destination is going be AMAZING! I have so blessed to have been offered an opportunity of a lifetime.  I will have more details when I am more settled into my position.

In other news, we were able to reach out to few homeless persons this past week, in our joint effort to assist the homeless persons in our area. My wife and I help a man, who fell off his bike, hit his head, cut his arm. We were able to call 911, get him some much-needed help. I love being able to help those in need, it such an amazing feeling knowing someone was saved because of something so little as a bottle of water.


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Panda love

I found this online thought it was so cute! Then I thought of my Indra and her love for Pandas.


Panda love

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just thinking

Well just some food for thought, after you call someone out, post the truth and you get no response! Kind of funny she never asked me to take down this blog. And said she had no reason to contact me in open court. It is heard clear as day.

Maybe I should sue her for perjury with the falsified restraining order! They say its about as hard to prove as what we are being sued for currently. At least if I won I could collect since she has the money. Its hard to collect someone who has to decide if we are buying food for the kids or paying the electric bill! Sorry we are a month behind, at least they understand that if you don’t have the money its hard to collect.

I still can’t believe how much she has spent on us with all her fancy lawyers and motions to keep this suit going. To me it doesn’t matter but I feel honored.

So now the serious thought, should I call the AIG for social security? Maybe IRS again? That way we can both get audited? Who else? Who would I call about registering to vote 3 time with 3 different birth-dates in 1 year. We have the 3 social security card and number already tracked down. One was fake, one was her old employer so she says and one is real. I feel like I should have known this information because I never would have gone forward with her in my life.

The only thing that is regrettable is that I miss my daughter, I should have gone to court with the 33 contempt charges and possible have gotten her in jail. If I knew I was going to end up in Charlotte I  have pressed forward!

Oh well guess I need to make a few calls tomorrow!


newest addition

Here is our newest  bundle of joy, he was 8 # 5 oz, 21 inches long and made his way at 12:36 am on December 2nd 2017. Mom and baby are doing great and are home safe and sound!

Strange way God works

You know it funny how things work out at! As everyone knows we are expecting our 4 child, a boy, due date December 7th.

Well God had other plans for us, because today is my daughters birthday! I would like to wish her a happy birthday and say I love you! And I wish I could be with you!

I would have sent a card and a gift but I know she wouldn’t get it or she would say she hates it. That and I don’t need another falsified restraining order against me, from her mother telling more lies.

So now Gods plans, he sent us our little boy at 12:36 am. so yes my first daughter and my son have the same birth dates! How cool is that December 2nd 2017 he made his grand appearance. All I was hoping was not on thanksgiving, we would never hear the end of it!

I hope my daughter realizes that there is so much more to life than money and lying. I know she told me I was replaced , same as my family but we are here with open arms and the truth if you want to see it for yourself.

I just wanted to thank all of you for listening to my story, just wish I had more time this holiday season. But happy belated thanksgiving and merry Christmas, and soon happy new year and remember!



wow November 4th

23 views from France and 1 from Sweden, thanks for the views, see you in court. The best thing is I can’t wait to embarrass the other party. I really really hope they bring all their family and friends. So we can tell our whole story and then some more!

Also wish I could be on here more but need to work and still waiting on the 4th little one! So  just busy!

Finally coming clean

Ok guess  I will confess. was thinking of posting this earlier but its my blog and I can do what I want! Anyway after years and years of being broke, I will be staying that way! It has been confirmed that I have been completely written out of both my moms and brothers will! Yes success. I get nothing.

I would like to thank my ex for helping me with that one! Seems how we borrowed so much money from my mom, then of course new wife and I borrowed. Lets just say 10’s of thousands over the last 20 years. So basically I said I can’t afford to pay you back so just take me out of the will, I don’t need or want it.

So that’s my confession for today!

It could be worse, however there is good news just can’t share right now but will when I can confirm.

However I wonder what would happen if we moved out of the country? Wonder where my job could take me?

Just wish my daughter was here to share it with me and her extended family.

Also getting so close to our new baby boy!

When to SUE a person!

So for the fun of it I googled suing people and here is the first thing that came up. After reading it I thought it was just too funny. Seems how in a few short weeks our family will be under the poverty level. SO since I have nothing and my wife just filed bankruptcy and soon to be 4 kids and my wife is a stay at home mom, since I can’t afford child care for 3 of them. Just going to leave it there, maybe I should file again get rid of my extra debt. Just a thought, since I can’t get a loan my only credit card is maxed out at $500! All I can do is laugh, and thank my ex for spending so much time and money on me during and after the divorce!

Just missing Indra everyday.

Don’t Sue Unless You Can Collect the Judgment

Before you sue, ask yourself whether you can collect. If you can’t, think twice before filing a lawsuit.

Need Professional Help? Talk to a Litigation attorney.

Please answer a few questions to help us match you with attorneys in your area.

The other party is

–Select an answer–
An individual
A small business
A large corporation
A government entity

October 12, 2017

Winning a small claims court case is exhilarating, but it’s only half of the battle. You’ve got to be able to collect on the judgment. Before you file your lawsuit, it’s important to know whether the person (or business) you’re suing has assets you can seize with a money judgment, such as income, money in the bank, or real estate.

Ways to Collect

If you win your small court case, you’ll receive a money judgment for the amount you’re owed. If the defendant refuses to pay voluntarily, the money judgment will allow you to use collection techniques like wage garnishments, property liens, and bank account levies to access the following types of property:

  • Personal income. An easy way to recover is to take a portion of the defendant’s wages each month. Most states allow a wage garnishment of up to 25%; however, the wages of very low-income workers are exempt from garnishment, and you can’t garnish a welfare, Social Security, unemployment, pension, or disability check.
  • Personal assets. You can also withdraw funds from a bank account or levy on property, such as real estate, cars, and stocks and bonds. Or, record your judgment with the recorder’s office. Doing so will put a property lien on the defendant’s real estate, and you’ll be paid once the property gets sold. Be aware that you won’t get everything a defendant owns. Defendants can protect some things they need to work and live (more below).
  • Future income or assets. Someone broke now could very likely be solvent in the future (as might be the case with a student). Judgments are collectible for many years, almost indefinitely if you do the paperwork to keep renewing them (more below), and they accrue interest as long as they remain unpaid.
  • Professional licenses. If your lawsuit is against a building or remodeling contractor who has a current license, some states, including California, allow you to file the judgment with the state licensing board. Then if the contractor doesn’t pay it off, post a bond, or file for bankruptcy, the contractor could lose the license.
  • Business income. A couple of sources of business income include a bank account and a cash register. If a company takes in money on a daily basis, the chances are excellent that the sheriff or marshal will take the cash right out of the debtor’s bank account or register (called a till tap).
  • Business assets. A valuable piece of equipment or machinery can be sold to pay your judgment.

Collecting isn’t always easy, however. If you’re dealing with a fly-by-night business with no identifiable office or headquarters, or, if a company or individual has already filed for bankruptcy, you might be out of luck.

However, suing an individual who received a bankruptcy discharge recently can be a good thing. A debtor must wait a number of years before filing for bankruptcy a second time, so you’ll have plenty of time to collect on a new debt.

(See Tips for Collecting Your Judgment for more information.)

Property You Can’t Collect

Debtor protection laws keep you from seizing and selling many types of property, including the food from the debtor’s table, the clothing from the closet, and the TV from the living room. It will also be difficult to seize and sell the debtor’s car because most states protect a debtor’s motor vehicle from creditors up to a certain amount of equity.

If the debtor uses the car for business purposes, the protected equity amount will increase. You’ll find that these values are the same in bankruptcy and that the protected property lists are in the state bankruptcy exemption laws.

Renew the Judgment

Judgments eventually expire—usually after five to 20 years, depending on the state. As long as you renew before the judgment’s expiration date, you’ll be able to extend the time to collect. (Keep in mind that you’ll need to record the renewed judgment to ensure you retain certain lien rights.)

To find out your state’s rule, see the chart below. Also, be aware that the expiration periods might differ if you’re collecting on a judgment initially entered in another state.


Small Claims Collection and Renewal Period

Alabama 20
Alaska 10
Arizona 5
Arkansas 10; 5 in Justice of Peace Courts
California 10
Colorado 20; 6 in county courts
Connecticut 10
Delaware 10
District of Columbia 12
Florida 20
Georgia 7
Hawaii 10
Idaho 11
Illinois 7
Indiana 10
Iowa 20
Kansas 5
Kentucky 15
Louisiana 10
Maine 20
Maryland 12
Massachusetts 20
Michigan 10
Minnesota 10
Mississippi 7
Missouri 10
Montana 10
Nebraska 5
Nebraska 5
Nevada 6
New Hampshire 20
New Jersey 20
New Mexico 14
New York 20
North Carolina 10
North Dakota 10
Ohio 5
Oklahoma 5
Oregon 10
Pennsylvania 4
Rhode Island 20
South Carolina 10
South Dakota 20
Tennessee 10
Texas 10
Utah 8
Vermont 8
Virginia 20
Washington 10
West Virginia 10
Wisconsin 20

For information about renewing judgments, contact your small claims court clerk’s office or visit the court’s website. You’ll find more information about collecting a judgment in Representing Yourself in Court. For a detailed guide to suing someone successfully, get Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court, by Ralph Warner (Nolo).

think about it!


  1. the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.
    synonyms: lying under oath, giving false evidence/testimony, making false statements, willful falsehood

    “she was found guilty of perjury”

    So lets think about this one!

    Falsified restraining order which I have posted, audio of the court hearing about 28 minutes of her saying how we are stalking her and won’t leave her alone. Then to say I was there at 9:09 pm. Then to go on 2 times to say that there has been no contact between the 2 of us!

    Classic she got confused and misspoke or the above definition.

    Fight the good fight never give up, keep all records and documents, proof is what is needed and what I have.

    # rehash lol


busy busy busy

The NBA is in full swing and so are my kids! Never seem to have enough time in my day to get everything done. After working with 3 kids how hard can be a 4th? Right now very…trying to get the car seats situated, where will he fit! Where will we deliver if I am at home or at work, its all about drive time!

We are still waiting on the 4th and last installment of our household, the doctors keep saying he will be early, then close to on time then early again. Wish we had 1 doctor but the office we go to you have your doctor but can be seen by all the others in the office, a far cry from Arizona where we had 1 doctor and he delivered both of out kids. The funny thing is what if he decides to come on December 2nd? That is the same birthday as my alienated daughter who couldn’t live with out me! Makes you wonder what happened in the time I was away, working my butt off for what?

Thinking about it, she could have helped out till I found a job, or helped pay for the house or car etc. not waiting till I was gone to go on all these vacations. Oh well, its for the best, just miss my daughter my first born.

Thinking about it I do feel super special in that she is wasting thousands of dollars on me and my new wife. I just wonder why you would go after someone who has so much proof especially in Federal Court. Wonder if I can invite the IRS into court? Or the Social Security Administration? Maybe FBI? I have sent reports to them before maybe I should start again.

Oh well and I just wanted to say thanks for the 24 views from France and Sweden, so who is stalking who……

GAME ON!!!!!

fight the fight!

So I came across this post and thought how fitting! Wondering if anyone has watched Zootopia, where in the beginning where after the play Judy Hopps sees Gidion Gray go after friends. The fox steals the fair tickets and Judy gets them back enraging the fox. Gidion swipes and scratches Judy’s face. She gets the tickets back and tells her friends that Gidion was right. She doesn’t know when to quit! Moral of the story, keep fighting, never give up, it may seem hopeless in some cases, even like mine! But I will not stay silent, I will not give up and I will not go away until the truth be told! I will overcome the odds, I will be a better person, richer in life, morals and values which will be taught to my children.


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