Alienated Dad: Based on a True Story

I was not allowed to be the proper father to her. I wasn't allowed to be the father she needed. The father, I want to be to her. I just want to be a dad to my daughter. This is my story of the events that took place that Alienated me from my daughter.


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Father-Daugther Dance

mealoneatdancenoindraThe photos below are considered the property of the Thier Family(alienated dad) and may only be used with their written permission. To request permission to use the photos please click here to contact .  PLEASE use WordPress re-blog for WordPress users. Thanks! Alienated Dad

This is me with my daughter Indra at the father-daughter dance. Please take Note Indra is not present for the photo. Perks of parental alienation and side back down deals of family court.

However, besides taking a photo alone I had a great time with my daughters Katelynn and Stephaine.

Scary to think I am the father of five.  My oldest will be sixteen this December on the same day my son turns one!!

I hope one day Indra and I will be able to put the past behind and move forward with a meaningful relationship. 🙂

I love you Indra Margot Broms(Thier). I miss you very much. I thought of you at dance how you also would have enjoyed a Knoa ice.

I decided to post the last picture of Indra and I. This was my last visit with my daughter. I LOVE THIS photo of us. Granted four hours after Indra landed she called to inform me that she FAKED all this. Which I assume Paula had something to with. Can’t FAKE THIS happiness.


Me and Indra – December 17, 2013 











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Congratulations To Indra

I just wanted to share the new and congratulate my daughter on her acceptance into Central Academy of Technology and Arts- for cyber securities! I have known about this for awhile.

I am so proud of Indra. 

public website you tube 32-04

I am sorry things couldn’t be different.  I had to find out via you tube! I wish I could have been there Friday for you cheering you on in orientation.

Too True!

One more before I sign off to bed, with a million things going on in my head, got some sweet satisfaction. I was looking at  facebook and discovered a picture of my daughter, Indra. Well I cropped her face and put it next to mine and my kids. And what a match, the nose, cheek bones, hair all a match.

It gives me so much pleasure to know that she got the good genes from my half, or my families  half. There is no denying that she is my blood and I hope her mom realizes that every morning and every night she goes to bed.

familyindrapluskidsThat a piece of paper doesn’t mean anything, its whats in your heart, your soul. It’s about what you think and feel. It’s not about money, gifts or trips that you go on, its the memories from when you were a baby and as far as you can remember. I have the richest life that I can live. I have 4 beautiful kids, 3 at home with me, my 18 month,3 year old and 7 year old that call me daddy and want me to be around all the time. To get hugs and kisses, laughs and smiles when they see me, nothing is more rewarding.

I hope one day Indra will she what she is missing, I may not have money but I have what I need, a beautiful wife, beautiful kids, a roof over my head, good food and great friends that I have made over the past few years.




Heard this song.

“I traveled fifteen hundred miles to see you
I begged you to want me, but you didn’t want to” Kelly Clarkson

This song is about a woman, where her father left her. I found this part to bring tears to my eyes. Because I traveled 1500 miles and Indra didn’t want me. I begged her to come visit me. I begged her to talk to me on the phone.

All I wanted was to be a father.

All I wanted was to be a dad.

All I wanted was to be a friend to my daughter.

A father should be great. I am viewed as a terrible, worthless father, yet I made an EFFORT. I made an effort to call teachers, call girl scouts, the doctors. Have a meeting with teachers at 7 am before my hearings, to hear how wonderful my daughter is. They all couldn’t understand why Indra wouldn’t talk to me. Then I would explain what happen it all made sense to them.

I am nothing but another person to my kid. I hate it, but its what her mother and her mother’s family wanted. ME GONE.

Funny, I am gone. But Indra is going be 18 soon. I hope and pray she will search me out to find where I am at. Maybe I am going be a teacher at her school? Maybe I am going be so close for to be able drive to my house and meet her sisters and brother.

Scary to think I daughter in High School and one that is turning two all in the same year!!! Wow. I am blessed.

Thank you God, for this path. I know you have a plan.

Are you ready to fight?

Client Intake Form. This form needs to be filled out. Then send it to Pam Wright at her Email Address.

Are you Ready to FIGHT?

You have to want to FIGHT.

Know your case! I knew my situation from inside and out.
Have proof. I kept everything, I had calendars with everything from phone calls with Paula to Indra. Put everything related to my case into these Calendars from meetings with teachers, lawyers, court dates, missed visitation, when Paula took Indra to the doctor, dentist, anything and everything related to my daughter were in there!

Printed out everything. (have at least three copies of everything) I still have pdf files of skype records, tax returns, passports, Airline Tickets, Airline letters, the transcripts of my case. Thought it would come in handy for my novel.

You have to want to WIN. Or at least know what kind of win you want. I didn’t win Indra in the end, But I gain so much more. Indra is still a child but when she is an adult at least she can better understand what happen.

Cost is never a problem. Everyone is willing to work with you.

Not in Charlotte? Not a problem, nationwide connections. Worldwide connections as well.

What are you waiting for send an email to Pam tonight! Take back control of your situation!


See you all at the Expo!

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